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The 14 Best Kids Tents of 2022

Children’s tents are similar to the blanket fort in the security and privacy they offer. However, they have a lot less setup, which means your child spends more time playing. Below, you’ll find our reviews for the best kid’s tent. You’ll also find a handy buying guide that will give you some pointers to help you make the best choice! 

Best Pop-Up Tent for Kids:
Best Kids Tent with Tunnel:
Best Teepee Tent for Kids:
Best Princess Tent for Kids:
Best Tent for Boys:
Best Outdoor Tent for Kids:

Best Pop-Up Tents for Kids

The smallest pop-up tent is the Creatov Prince or Princess Playhouse, which is sized at 15.25 x 13.25 x 2″; the USA Toyz Space Tent measures at 40.5 x 40.5 x 51″ which is a mid-sized pop-up tent; and the Alvantor Floral Garden Playhouse is the largest play tent at size 75.6″x44″x37.”

Play Tent with Tunnel, Ball Pit, and Basketball Hoop

Crisschirs Play Tent Ball Pit with Tunnel Stars Glow in The Dark, Tunnel & Ball Pit Basketball Rocket Ship Astronaut Hoop Toys with Message Signs for Indoor Outdoor Camping

The Play Tent with Tunnel, Ball Pit, and Basketball Hoop is perfect for parents who want to be sure their child is having fun in their tent. With a tunnel that leads to a ball pit, basketball hoop, and play tent, this offers hours of fun for your little one. 

This comes with a space-themed tent complete with glow-in-the-dark stars. The crawl-through tunnel and ball pit also features a glow-in-the-dark design. Each of these has a soft, padded bottom that is comfortable to crawl around on. There is also a basketball hoop in the ball pit and several of the panels show the planets and their corresponding names. Something to note is that the balls are not included in this set. 

One of the major benefits of this aside from the variety of activities is the large space that all these pieces make up. They can be used together or separately but they are perfect for playtime, especially when your child has friends over. The breathable mesh walls and windows make the structure breathable. 

This is a true pop-up style and each part of the structure folds flat when playtime is over. This makes it easy to store or bring on playdates. The different pieces can be used separately or together. 


  • Pieces can be used separately or together
  • Comes with tent, tunnel, ball pit, and hoop
  • Several ways to play 
  • Roomy enough for several kids 
  • Well-ventilated
  • Fun space theme is perfect for girls or boys 


  • Balls are not included

USA Toyz Space Play Tent 

USA Toyz Rocket Ship Pop Up Kids Tent - Spaceship Rocket Indoor Playhouse Tent for Boys and Girls with Included Space Projector Toy and Kids Tent Storage Carry Bag

The USA Toyz Space Play Tent is perfect for space enthusiasts and roomy enough to fit up to three kids. It also comes with a space projector toy that has 24 space-themed images that can be projected on the walls and ceiling of the tent and an easy-carry tote.

The tent measures 51″ in height and 41″ in diameter. It is recommended for ages three and up and the space theme is perfect for boys or girls. The pop-up design has a few poles and allows for easy set up while the polyester material is easy to spot clean as needed. The breathability is another nice feature of this tent, as it has mesh windows and a large tie-back door. 

Something to note regarding durability is that the tent poles may eventually rip through the fabric, especially if your child is rough on the tent. Additionally, while the projector is fun to play with, the included discs are small and easy to misplace. 


  • Cool space theme is fun for boys or girls
  • Comes with a space-themed projector flashlight 
  • Pop-up style is easy to assemble
  • Breathable 
  • Roomy enough for 2-3 kids 


  • Polyester fabric may tear with rough play over time 
  • Discs with flashlight are small and get lost easily

Creatov Prince or Princess Tent Playhouse

Creatov Kids Tent Toy Prince Playhouse - Toddler Play House Blue Castle for Kid Children Boys Girls Baby for Indoor & Outdoor Toys Foldable Playhouses Tents with Carry Case Great Birthday Gift Idea

The Creatov Prince or Princess Tent Playhouse is dark blue and covered in moons and stars, though there is also the option of a pink princess tent playhouse. It stands 51″ tall and is 41″ across. 

One of the benefits of this tent is that it easily folds down for storage or bringing along on outings. Everything you need for set up is in the bag, however, this does not come with any instructions. The lack of instructions makes it a little difficult to put together.  

All the parts you need for set up are inside the carrying case including the tent and fiberglass poles. This also features windows and a door that can be tied open, which improves ventilation through the tent.

Finally, the fabric wipes clean easily, which is an important feature for a toddler toy.


  • Available in pink or blue designs 
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble 
  • Windows and tie-open doors for ventilation
  • Fabric wipes clean easily 
  • Folds flat for storage and bringing along on outings 


  • Instructions are not included and set up can be challenging 

USA Toyz Mermaid Kids Tent

USA Toyz Under The Sea Kids Pop Up Tent - Mermaid Pop Up Kids Tent, Indoor Playhouse Tent for Girls and Boys with Kids Play Tent Storage Carry Bag, Toy Outdoor Indoor Tent for Kids, Toddler Tent

The USA Toyz Mermaid Kids Tent features a cute nautical design with fish, a sea turtle, starfish, underwater plants, coral, and more. It also comes with a fun kaleidoscope toy that will keep your child entertained for hours. 

The pop-up style tent stands 51″ tall and is 40.5″ across. It has a floor that attaches to the rest of the tent and comes with a carrying bag that it easily folds into. This makes it a great choice for picnics in the park, play dates, and other outings. It is designed for ages three and up and three children can fit inside. 

Everything you need for assembly is included in the bag, including foldable tent poles and the tent itself. There are floor anchors and roof anchors to hold the poles in place, as well as ties along the side. You’ll need to climb inside the tent to secure everything. 

This kid’s tent is made from polyester fabric that wipes clean easily. There is also an extra-wide door and mesh windows on the sides to increase breathability and make it easy to get in and out of the tent. 


  • Durable polyester fabric wipes clean easily 
  • Mesh windows increase air circulation 
  • Comes with a carrying tote and kaleidoscope 
  • Easy to put up and take back down 
  • Everything for assembly is in the bag 


  • Need to climb inside to secure the tent poles 

Alvantor Floral Garden 2 Tunnel Play Tent 

Alvantor Floral Garden 2 Tunnel Playhouse Toddler Playground Kids Play Tent Indoor and Outdoor Pink Princess House Great Game and Toy Gift for Children Fun, 75.6

The Alvantor Floral Garden 2 Tunnel Playhouse Kids Play Tent features a 2-tunnel design with a dome in the middle. The height is 37″ tall, so it is a little shorter than some other tents, however, your child will likely be zooming in and out of the tunnels anyway. 

A cute floral design covers this tent. The tent itself features 2 doors that make it easy for parents to check on their little ones while they play.

Something else to note is that set up is very easy- this is a pop-up style tent and your child will be playing within minutes. Simply insert the poles into the sleeves of the domed tent, put it up as you would a normal tent, and set up the tunnels. The three pieces that come with this tent can be used separately or together. 

Polyester makes up the outermost layer of the tent and tunnels. The design encourages airflow through the tent to prevent it from getting too hot. As an added benefit, this wipes clean easily and the tent can be used for indoor or outdoor use. 

The poles that come with the tent could be more durable. You’ll need to be careful with them to avoid shattering them. 


  • Cute floral design
  • Pieces can be used together or separately 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Tunnels are fun to crawl in and out of 
  • Good airflow
  • Easy to wipe clean 


  • Tent poles could be more durable 

Best Teepee Tents for Kids

Both of these teepees are designed from high quality cotton with pine wooden poles.  The wilwolfer Kids Teepee Tent is several inches wider and taller than the Tazztoys Kids Teepee, which while slightly smaller, it does include fairy lights and a waterproof base. 

Teepee with Fairy Lights, Feathers, and Waterproof Base

Tazztoys Kids Teepee Tent for Kids with Fairy Lights - Toddler Teepee - Tipi Tent Kids - Baby Teepee

The TazzToys Teepee with Fairy Lights, Feathers, and Waterproof Base is made using high-quality materials like 100% cotton and pine wood poles. It also has curtains that open and close, a front flap to be used as a door, and 2 double pockets that let your child keep all their favorite stories and toys in their tent. 

While this kids teepee tent is more expensive than a pop-up style tent, the durable materials are more likely to withstand rough play from toddlers. The pinewood poles have a smooth finish so you do not have to worry about splinters and the waterproof base keeps the tent dry when you’re outdoors. Additionally, the entire tent breaks down easily and fits inside a backpack-style carry bag so you can easily take it on the go. 

The tent is plain white. However, it comes with fairy lights and feathers for decoration. Another idea is to let your child customize the white tent with paint, stickers, or anything else they fancy. 

This is roomy enough that 2-3 children can sit inside, being 50″ x 50″ x 50″. If your child is bumping the poles, you may need to readjust the ties at the top. One solution is to put pillows in the corners of the tent to push the poles outward and stop your little one from moving the tent around too much. 


  • Sturdy pine wood tent poles have a smooth finish 
  • Thick, cotton canvas is easy to clean 
  • Waterproof bottom 
  • Comes with fairy lights and feathers for decorations 
  • Large size to fit 2-3 kids inside 


  • Tent poles move too easy if they are bumped 

wilwolfer Teepee Tent for Kids 

Kids Teepee Tent for Girls or Boys with Carry Case, Foldable Play Tent for Kids or Toddler Suit for Indoor and Outdoor Play, Protable Kids Playhouse Children Tent

The wilwolfer Teepee Tent for Kids uses durable, high-quality materials like smooth pine tent poles and 100% cotton canvas. The set comes with 16 poles, 12 connectors, the teepee itself, instructions, and a carrying bag. 

The white design is nice for giving your child the opportunity to decorate as they would like, however, it can also get dirty easily. Fortunately, cotton is washable.

This teepee is a little taller than the tents mentioned so far, being a little over 61″ tall. The base is approximately 47″ x 47″ so 2-3 children can easily fit inside. 

This teepee also features a window and pockets on the outside of the tent for your child to store a book or their favorite toy. There are curtains that hang over the door which can be tied open or left closed for privacy. Like most teepee-style tents, this will need pillows or something else in the corner if your child is moving around a lot and tends to knock the legs of the tent around. 


  • Made with high quality materials like pine and cotton 
  • Comes with clear instructions and a carrying bag 
  • Window to increase breathability 
  • Outside pocket for storage 
  • Taller than some other kid’s teepee tents 


  • May need to stabilize the legs 

Best Princess Tents

Ranked highly among customers, the Monobeach Princess Castle Play Tent is a large size that measures at 55″ x 53″ that would fit 3-4 toddlers easily, plus it is frilly and girly with taffeta curtains, fit for those little princesses.  The Princess Castle Play Tent is slightly smaller at 41.5” x 41.5” x 54” which would fit 1-2 toddlers but it is not as pretty as the Monobeach tent.  

Monobeach Princess Castle Play Tent with Star Lights

Monobeach Princess Tent Girls Large Playhouse Kids Castle Play Tent with Star Lights Toy for Children Indoor and Outdoor Games, 55'' x 53'' (DxH)

The Monobeach Princess Castle Play Tent with Star Lights is 55″ wide and 53″ high. Its cute princess theme will make your child feel like their tent is their castle, from the feminine pink design to the twinkling star lights that hang all around the tent. 

This tent is recommended for ages 3 and up. It can fit around 3-4 toddlers comfortably inside. Something to note is that this may not be a good choice if your child is especially rough on toys. The PVC poles can be bent and once they are bent it becomes difficult to get the tent to stand like it is supposed to. 

Instructions are included to make assembly easier. However, the poles are difficult to bend into the right position. You also may want to buy zip ties to put the star lights up around the tent more easily. In addition to the instructions, poles for the tent, and fabric, this also comes with the star lights and a set of batteries. 

Aside from bending easily, the poles are built sturdy. There are also extras included in case of damage. The material used for the fabric is polyester taffeta, which wipes clean easily and is water-resistant. This kids’ play tent is recommended for indoor or outdoor use. 


  • Starlights help create a magical theme
  • Large enough for several toddlers to sit inside 
  • Comes with batteries, instructions, and extra tent poles 
  • Polyester taffeta wipes clean easily
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors


  • PVC poles bend easily 
  • Challenging to assemble the first time 

This would make a perfect gift for a 5-year-old girl!

Rettebovon Princess Castle Play Tent with Glow in The Dark Stars

Princess Castle Play Tent with Glow in The Dark Stars Foldable Pop Up Pink Play Tent/House Toy for Indoor Kids Tent & Outdoor Children Tent Girls Gifts

The Rettebovon Princess Castle Play Tent with Glow in The Dark Stars is a pop-up style of tent. It comes with tent poles and fabric feature glow-in-the-dark stars. Additionally, it can be folded easily into a carrying bag making it perfect to bring along for outings or playdates. 

Even being thinner, the fiberglass poles are sock-corded and stabilize the tent without being so flimsy they are at risk of breaking. The entire structure stands 54″ tall and is 41″ across. It also features tear-resistant fabric that wipes clean easily. 

Even though this can be used for indoor or outdoor use, the fabric does make it get hot inside the tent. You may not want to use it in the direct sunlight even with the door open and the mesh windows that increase breathability.

The tent is easy to assemble, however, you will have to climb inside to tie the poles into place so it might be harder for taller parents to set everything up. 


  • Fabric is tear-resistant and wipes clean easily 
  • Sock-corded fiberglass poles are sturdy
  • Folds down and pops up easily
  • Comes with a convenient carrying bag 
  • Mesh windows for added breathability
  • Glow in the dark stars and hearts are nice to look at 


  • Gets hot inside the tent 
  • Have to climb inside the tent to tie poles up

See more gift ideas for 4-year-old girls.

Tiny Land Princess Castle for Girls

Tiny Land Kids Play Tent with LED Lights & Tote Case, Kids Toy for 3,4,5,6 Years Old Girl, 2 Kids Foldable Pop Up Play Tent/House for Indoor and Outdoor Game, Xmas & Birthday Gift, Princess Castle

The Tiny Land Princess Castle for Girls is the perfect castle for the princess in your life. This girl play tent is surrounded by sheer, sparkly fabrics that create a whimsical design while still letting you keep an eye on your little one. 

This is a 55″ tall tent. It is also about 41″ wide, which makes it perfect for your princess to invite over some of her friends for a play date or slumber party. 

The tent-like poles are sturdy and hold this structure together, while the gem-encrusted curtains wipe clean easily and resist tears. This also comes with a thin play mat to put on the floor, which adds to the structural integrity. It can be used indoors or outdoors. 

This comes with a glittery fairy wand and a carrying case. And while the poles are a little flimsy and the gems fall off easily, it’s great for a girl of any age because of the bigger size.


  • Sheer pink curtains have glittery gems
  • Included tote bag and fairy wand
  • Comes with a playmat for the floor 
  • Very roomy inside 
  • Tent poles and polyester curtains clean easily 
  • Set up is easy 


  • Gems fall off the curtains
  • Tent poles get bent easily

Best Tents for Boys

Asweets Garage Play Tent

Asweets Garage House Cotton Canvas Play Tent, Blue

The Asweets Garage Play Tent stands 55.9″ tall, making it great for kids who want to move around inside. The base is also 49.2″ x 37.7″, making it large enough for up to 3 children to play in this garage. 

The theme of this garage is cute, featuring pretend windows, gas pumps, a car, tires, and more printed on the sides. This garage also has a door that can be tied up or left closed, though it can get hot inside the garage when the door is not tied up. 

The great thing about this garage playhouse is that it is made of 100% cotton canvas fabric and New Zealand pine poles. While most others made of cotton are teepee-style, this is modeled after dad’s garage and perfect for kids who like watching him tinker.

The tent comes with easy instructions for assembly. Something to note, however, is that this isn’t necessarily the best pick for something that you want to take on outings. 


  • Cute garage design
  • Made of cotton instead of polyester 
  • Sturdy pine wood poles
  • Taller than many other tents 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Door can be tied up 


  • Can get hot inside with the door closed 

Children’s Tent Clubhouse

Kids Play Tent Children Playhouse - Indoor Outdoor Play Tents for Girls Boys - Toddler Toy House Small Clubhouse Green Portable

The Children’s Tent Playhouse is a little cozier than the other tents mentioned so far, being just under 40″ tall. Even with its smaller size, this tent is perfect for snuggling up with a book or hanging out with a friend or two.

The cute clubhouse design encourages imaginative play and really gives your child a sense of ownership over their own space. It is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and even has a floor. Something to note, however, is that the floor can cause the tent poles to bow a little once everything is attached. 

This is not a good choice for younger kids. The poles included in this are not especially durable. If your child grabs onto one of them and uses it to pull themselves up or is rough, it can cause the poles to snap. For younger kids, you’ll want to choose something a little more durable. 


  • Clubhouse design reinforces the idea of personal space 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Comes with a floor 
  • Good for indoor or outdoor use 
  • Cleans easily 


  • Floor doesn’t attach well to the structure 
  • Not durable enough to be used by younger children 

Want more kids playhouse ideas? We’ve found the best!

Best Outdoor Tents for Kids

Both of these dome tents are similar in size, yet the Pacific ‘Me Too’ Dome Tent Playhouse is UV-protected and flame retardant for safety, while the Ai-Uchocie Kids Play Tent has a cute space theme but does not offer those extra safety features.

Pacific ‘Me Too’ Dome Tent Playhouse

Pacific Play Tents Kids 'Me Too' Dome Tent Playhouse - 48

The Pacific ‘Me Too’ Dome Tent Playhouse is 42″ tall with the base being 48″ x 48″, making it the perfect size for 2-3 kids to sit inside. One of the great things about this kids tent playhouse is that it has a tunnel port designed to let children climb in or out. It can also be used with the Pacific Play Tents tunnel so you can easily attach other tents and tunnels as well. 

The bright blue, red, and yellow colors are gender-neutral and visually stimulating. Polyester taffeta that is rip- and tear-resistant and makes up the tent itself. It is also flame-retardant and UV-resistant. The included super poles are safety-coated, which prevents breaking, shattering, and splintering.

Set up is easy because of the color-coded poles and once you are ready to break it down after an outing, everything folds down to be put inside a sturdy carrying bag. 

Features like mesh panels and a tie-back door improve air flow through the tent while still giving kids the option of privacy. The door can be tied back using a hook and loop closure and the window flaps roll up. Additionally, the outer material wipes clean and the flooring is waterproof, so this is a great choice for indoor or outdoor play. 

Something to note is that if you choose to buy a tunnel and additional tent, you’ll need the doors to face in opposite directions because the tunnel port is only on one side of the tent. 


  • Waterproof floor 
  • Material is rip-resistant, UV-protected, and flame retardant 
  • Color-coded poles make set up easy 
  • Mesh panels and tie back door 
  • Option to use with additional tents and a tunnel system 
  • Easy to clean 


  • We couldn’t find any! 

Ai-Uchoice Indoor/Outdoor Toddler Play Tent 

Ai-Uchocie Kids Play Tent with Space Theme Play Tent for Kids Cosmic Exploration Kids Tent,Ideal Gift for Children (Blue)

The Ai-Uchoice Indoor/Outdoor Toddler Play Tent features a fun space design including a dark blue color and vivid planets on the panels of the tent. It is closer to a camping-style of tent, making it perfect for outings at the beach, days at the park, or in the backyard. 

The entire tent stands 43″ tall and has a base that is 47″ x 47″, making it the perfect size for 2-3 kids to sit inside and swap stories or play a game. It is easy to put up and take down- just insert the PE-coated fiberglass shock-corded tent poles into the sleeves and lift as you would a normal tent. Everything folds down easily into a convenient carrying bag as well. 

To keep things cool, this also has mesh panels that let air penetrate the tent. When the door is zipped, this provides ventilation while keeping mosquitoes and insects out. The tent itself is made from polyester taffeta that resists rips and tears. It is also easy to wipe clean as needed. 

This also comes with a play mat, which provides cushioning between your child and the ground. However, the included play mat is a little thin. 


  • Good sized for 2-3 kids 
  • Mesh panels improve ventilation 
  • Keeps out insects and mosquitoes when the door is zipped 
  • Resists rips and tears 
  • Cute space theme


  • Included play mat is really thin

Comparing Tents for Kids

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

How We Selected the Best Tents for Kids 


Many play tents can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on where your child is most comfortable. Of course, if they’re going to be sleeping in it outside, you’ll want to invest in something sturdier, more enclosed, or waterproof. 

The most common materials for the tent itself are polyester and canvas. Polyester has the advantage of wiping clean easily, which is nice for tents that are going to be used outside. Canvas is thicker than polyester but more expensive. However, it can be sewn if it rips and most canvas is washable. 

Something else to consider is the framework of the tent. Most play tents use some type of poles to head them up. Thick pine or fiberglass poles are ideal because they are thick and not too flimsy. 

Durability is a major factor when considering the materials used. Be sure to choose something that will withstand your child and their friends climbing in and out of the tent as often as they’d like to. 


Even though some kids choose to use their tent as a place they can get away, they still might want to invite some friends inside to play. When playing inside a tent, you want your child to be able to move around without feeling restricted. Most standard-sized tents are made large enough that 2-3 small children can fit inside. If your child frequently has friends over or if they are a little larger, you’ll want to choose a tent that fits several small kids. 

In addition to considering the size for the kids, think about what they’ll have inside. Pillows and blankets are common tent additions. Some are also designed to be filled with balls, which offers a different style of play. 

If you are looking for something smaller, check out the best baby beach tents.


One of the purposes of a tent is to let your child have all the fun of a blanket fort without spending hours building the perfect set up. Consider how the tent needs to be assembled. In the case of pop-up tents, it’s usually as easy as taking the tent out of the box and starting to play. In others, you’ll need to insert the tent poles into sleeves for set up. 

You’ll also want to consider how the tent can be stored. Play tents can be bulkier than other toys, so you may want the advantage of being able to easily tear the tent down or fold it flat as well. 


Finally, you’ll want to consider the overall design of the tent. Kids tents come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles.

Some are designed to create a magical environment (like those that have lights or thin, wispy fabrics) while others might be modeled after houses, vehicles, and more. You might even be able to find tents modeled after your child’s favorite characters like Doc McStuffins or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

FAQs about Kids Tents

Should I buy my kid their own tent? 

Each toy that you buy for your child is an investment in their development, as time spent away from tablets and television screens encourages imaginative play, fine motor skills, creative problem solving, social skills, language skills, and more.

A child’s tent is very flexible in how it can be played with. Your kid can play pretend and the tent may become a castle, a cabin in the middle of the woods, or a schoolroom. Tents can also be used as a safe haven for napping, reading, or when your child just wants to getaway. It is their own personal space where they are in control.

With all these benefits, a child’s play tent is definitely a good choice for your child. 

How do I set up a kid’s play tent? 

The most common styles of tents are pop-up tents and teepees or other tents that make use of poles.

Many pop-up tents don’t require any assembly. You take it out of the box, unfold it, and set it on a flat area. These come down as easily as they can be set up.

Teepees and other tents that require assembly usually have poles of some kind. You may need to attach the poles or they may come already assembled. Then, you thread them through the fabric and pull the tent up. In most cases, manufacturers include instructions for assembling the tent. 

Are play tents waterproof? 

Most tents intended for children’s play are built differently than tents recommended for camping. Play tents usually have some degree of water resistance, however, they are not waterproof.

They should not be left outside even if you choose to use them outdoors. Instead, store them in a dry space at night and pull the tent out as needed to prevent damage. 

What is best kids tent for parties? 

Kids tents make a fun addition to any party. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a larger tent that several kids will fit in. Another option is finding a tent that has several tunnels, as the different tunnels make for fun as kids chase each other around the tent. Others might include a ball pit, which is another fun party option. 


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