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2022’s Best Indoor Slides for Kids

Indoor slides come with developmental benefits like spatial awareness, improved coordination, motivation to exercise, and social skills. Another great advantage is indoor slides are often smaller and help to prepare your toddler for a bigger slide adventure.

Find the right slide for your home and your child now, as we did all the research for you to save your time for playing with your little one. 

Best Indoor Slide for Kids:
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Best Indoor Slide for Young Toddlers:

Best Indoor Slides for Kids

The Eezy Peezy Active Play 3-in-1 Jungle Gym Playset is more than just a slide with a sliding board, ball pit with 50 balls, and a target to use with the ball toss.  The BAHOM Toddler 3-in-1 Climber and Slide Playset not only includes a slide but also a swing and basketball hoop that is adjustable for up to 6 years old.

Panda Kids Slide

If you want a slide with a basketball hoop, then try the Panda Kids Slide as it has a steeper – therefore more fun – slide. The cute panda design is ready to call preschoolers over for more play stations. The durable playset also has a tiny hideaway under the slide and stairs with windows for tots to play with their stuffed animals. 

Using a stable triangle design, this play structure keeps kids safe while giving them the option to play hoops, slide, or hide underneath. It’s so durable, it can support a child of up to 120 pounds. Beyond the durability, it offers an anti-slip design, an extended tail to buffer the landing, and wide stairs for easier climbing. 

Lastly, the 50-inch long track provides a better sliding experience with a 16-inch wide track with rails making this a near-perfect indoor play slide. Assemble the slide set easily with tools – these ensure the slide stays together but does mean it doesn’t fold up for storage. Includes one basketball and measures 61 x 28.74 x 31.2 inches. 

Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer

Little Tikes Jump 'n Slide Bouncer - Inflatable Jumper Bounce House Plus Heavy Duty Blower With GFCI, Stakes, Repair Patches, And Storage Bag 106.2 Inch x 137.7 Inch x 65.7 Inch Ages 3-8 Years

The Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer brings all the fun of a trampoline and slide to an indoor space. 

With this bouncer, you also get a heavy-duty blower to blow up the bouncer and a GFCI outlet which will switch off the electricity connection if it detects dangerous ground faults. When you’re ready to take this slide down, you can fit everything into a zip-up bag that’s included. In addition to all of this, you’ll also receive stakes to keep the bouncer in place (if used outside), a repair kit, and an instruction booklet. 

A couple of extra fun things about this Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer: it has a mesh pocket on the side of the bouncer for holding shoes and other things plus it can hold up to 250 pounds so plenty of kids can jump together! It measures 144″L x 108″W x 72″H and is recommended for children ages 3-8 years old. If you’re looking for a great inflatable indoor slide for younger kiddos, check out the Little Tikes Jr. Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer.

Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster Ride

Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster Rapid Ride & Hide Edition | Amazon Exclusive

With the Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster Ride you get more than a slide, you get an adventure for little children! It’s a graduated slide with a dip and comes with a little cart for kids to drive down the slide ramp. Also, it comes with two steps so your child can easily climb into the cart.

At 9 feet long, this colorful roller coaster ride lets your kids have fun from the safety of their playroom. The set includes the steps, cart, and ramp, all of which assemble easily without the need for tools. Kids can also use the cart separately when not using the slide function, giving this toy range. 

Use this toy to help improve your child’s physical and motor skills even while inside playing at home. It also improves self-esteem, sensory exploration, and social skill if they share with a friend or sibling. Beware, this may cause toddlers to want a real roller coaster… it’s so fun!

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Little Tikes Little Baby Bum Wheels on The Bus Climber and Slide 

Little Baby Bum Wheels on the Bus Climber and Slide with Interactive Musical Dashboard by Little Tikes

Little Tikes Little Baby Bum Wheels on The Bus Climber and Slide is a stay-in-place vehicle and a slide all in one. Kids can drive the little car with the steering wheel while pushing buttons and enjoy the wheels on the bottom if they want or climb in to slide.

It also comes with a pull-out stop sign to look like a real school bus. It also includes stickers to show passengers on the school bus and has stickers for learning with the alphabet and numbers to do a little learning while driving kids to school. 

The dashboard offers a horn, ignition, and gear shifter, making this a fun, imaginative play climber with music too, making it great for role play. It’s small enough to go in your toddler’s room at 15.2 x 35 x 24 inches and only 31.6 pounds. Moreover, it’s the right size for 1-year-olds to 4-year-olds to have tons of fun and learn in the process. 

However, it does not fold up, but you gain so much fun with this slide. The slide itself measures 18 inches in height for a fun sliding experience for little kids. One kid can slide while another drives, making this useful for siblings or friends. 

Costzon 4 in 1 Climber Slide Set

Costzon 4 in 1 Slide for Kids, Toddler Climber Slide Set with Basketball Hoop, Telescope, Crawl Through Space, Easy Climb Stairs, Kids Slide for Both Indoors Outdoor Use

With the Costzon Toddler Slide, 4 in 1 Climber Slide Set you get multiple activities but the best part is tons of room for imagination. It boasts a castle look so your kid can feel or pretend to be royalty. Yes, it has a slide but it also has a telescope, a basketball hoop, and tunnels underneath for added play. 

The slide is made with non-toxic and odorless materials and in bright reds, yellows, and gray for the castle walls. It has actual steps, too, for safely getting up to the slide, all made with non-toxic HDPE material. It’s perfect for indoor use with a small size but big enough for two kids with a large landing space. 

Furthermore, the slide assembles quickly without tools, although it doesn’t fold down for storage but would come apart easily if necessary.

It measures 54.5 x 36.5 x 45 inches and weighs 23.5, which can hold a child ages 3-8 or up to 110 pounds. It does come with a high price tag, though, but can last through several children and would be a great option if you run a preschool or daycare in your house. 

As far as first slides go, the WELINK 3 in 1 Kids Slide offers an adorable option for little children. It offers a 3-in-1 advantage but at a slightly higher price than most indoor slides. Moreover, this slide does come with extra high handrails and a stable base in a triangular shape. It’s available in both blue and pink colors.

The darling elephant theme has actual steps with skid resistance to help little feet stay sure of their footing. On the slide itself, your child gets a gentle, curved ride and a soft finish right onto the floor. Despite a lightweight of only 27.6 pounds, the slide can support up to 120 pounds thanks to high-quality material, which is plenty for a child 1 to 5 years old. 

At 39.37″L x 23.23″W x 10.24″H, the slide offers a fun experience for kids without taking up a ton of space. It comes with a basketball hoop on one side and a ring toss game on the other side!

ECR4Kids Activity Park Playhouse

ECR4Kids Activity Jungle Gym Climber for Kids and Toddlers - Indoor or Outdoor Plastic Playset for Children - Backyard Toy, Slide, Hide & Play

The ECR4Kids Activity Park Playhouse for Kids is another climber with a slide perfect and compact for indoor use. You could take this one outside if necessary. Children ages 3 years old up to 66 pounds can use this playground, although smaller kids could as well, with constant monitoring by an adult. Set up the stairs and the slide on either side or reverse them if that works better for your space. All the pieces click into place, making assembly super easy. 

Don’t worry about kids feeling claustrophobic because the little play cube has tons of cutouts to act as windows. It also has tons of round corners instead of sharp points to hurt little children running around. At 65.74 x 33.07 x 39.76 inches and 37.7 pounds,  it’s the perfect size for one or two toddlers playing at the same time. Although, only let one child on the slide at once. 

Lastly, this playset comes in bright colors to ensure to entice children to play. The slide is rather short, perfect to help little children learn how to slide without causing fear. Also, the sides have little extra cutouts for stability. This climber does cost quite a bit more than the others but comes with high reviews. 

Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber

Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber Red/Cream/Green, 1 - 4 years

The Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber is a great indoor slide for toddlers. It features a slide, rock wall, and tunnel openings for crawling through. 

Toddlers will love hiding underneath the climber and looking out through the openings at the top of the climber. Parents say the climber is easy to assemble and move. Keep in mind that 12-month-olds may slide down fairly quickly, so you may want to help them so they don’t hit their head on the bottom of the slide.

This Little Tikes slide measures 23.27″L x 51.91″W x 39.76″H inches and only weighs 16 ounces so you can easily move this slide room-to-room or outside during the warmer months.

Eezy Peezy Active Play 3 in 1 Jungle Gym PlaySet

Eezy Peezy TM300- Playset with 50 Balls, Red/Yellow/Blue

Want to get your child a slide and a ball pit? Take a look at the Eezy Peezy Active Play 3 in 1 Jungle Gym PlaySet as it offers both and a small footprint to not take up a huge space in your home. It also includes a target practice for a third way to play and comes with colorful balls for the pit and to use on the target. Little kids can spend hours playing in this little activity center. 

Set up the slide and ball pit in just a matter of minutes using easy-to-assemble piping. Works best for ages 1 to 3 years old as it measures 56 x 62 x 29 inches but can hold up to 150 pounds on the 20.3-pound frame, which means multiple kids can play at the same time. The set also comes with 50 colorful balls to fill-up the mesh framed pit. 

Finally, it comes with steps on the backside and a little nook next to the slide with handrails for both. Kids need to climb into the ball pit or be placed in it. The 50 balls that come with will not completely fill the space with balls, but you can buy more on the side. The piping is made of tough plastic so kids won’t get hurt. 

BAHOM 3 in 1 Climber and Slide Playset

The BAHOM 3 in 1 Climber and Slide Playset offers more than just a slide by adding a basketball hoop and a swing! As your child grows, you can raise the swing height by adjusting the thick rope connectors. To help keep everything steady and stable, there are two places to pour water in and weight the playset down. 

Toddlers can shoot hoops, swing, or use the slide, all from one toy. The slide includes wide steps to climb onto the platform. With multiple uses, kids can play together and improve social skills while also improving physical and motor skills, critical thinking, and creativity.

The maximum weight for the slide is 88 pounds whereas the maximum weight for the swing is 66 pounds. BAHOM recommends this playset for children 6 months to 6 years old. The entire playset weighs in at 34 pounds. Measurements are not given for the full playset but parents seem to fit this inside a room easily.

LANGXUN 4-in-1 Trampoline, Climb, Slide, and Swing

LANGXUN 6.5 Ft 4-in-1 Rectangle Trampoline for Kids, with Climb, Slide, Swing, Multi-Functional Indoor Outdoor Toddler Mini Trampoline for Girls and Boys Gift, Age 1-8

This LANGXUN 4-in-1 Playset features a trampoline, climbing steps, slide, and swing! No worries about falling, this playset is designed with a protective net so that your child won’t fall out when bouncing or swinging.

What’s really neat about this playset is how versatile it is! You can easily add or remove the swing. If you just want a trampoline, you can easily remove the steps and slide as well. Double-sided zipper openings on two sides of this playset offer two places for kids to enter. They both can be zipped up when jumping to prevent anyone from falling out.

The trampoline itself measures 5.3’L x 4’W x 6’H and the full playset (with steps and slide) measures 8’L x 7.2’W x 6’H. It is recommended for children ages 1 to 8 years and up to 120 pounds.

Step2 Play Up Double Slide Kids Climber

Step2 Play Up Double Slide Kids Climber

The Step2 Play Up Double Slide Kids Climber is a great indoor slide if you have more than one kiddo! With two slides, your little ones won’t have to fight over who gets to slide and who has to wait. Kids can climb up walls, through tunnels, or use the platform for pretend play. 

Everything is sized for toddlers ages 24 months up to 6 years old. It measures 52.99″L x 84.02″W x 60.98″H and weighs 78 pounds for stability. It’s made of sturdy plastic for long life and requires minimal assembly. Because it’s a heavier set, you probably won’t want to move it into different rooms too often. At the same time, this means your child shouldn’t be moving it either!  

With a maximum hold weight of 180 pounds, Step2 says up to 3 toddlers can play on this set at one time. Overall, it’s big enough for multiple kids, making it an excellent option for siblings or two friends. Also, it uses built-in side steps to avoid taking up a ton of space. 

Best Foldable Indoor Slides

While the Little Tikes First Slide is good for up to 60 pounds, the Baby Joy Folding Slide can be used up to 110 pounds.

Little Tikes First Slide 

Little Tikes First Slide Toddler Slide, Easy Set Up Playset for Indoor Outdoor Backyard, Easy to Store, Safe Toy for Toddler, Slip And Slide For Kids (Red/Blue), 39.00''L x 18.00''W x 23.00''H

The Little Tikes First Slide is an excellent beginner slide for children younger than six years old. When they aren’t using the slide, fold it down without tools for easy and smart storage or so you can move it to a new location. The whole product measures 23 x 18 x 39 inches and includes handrails for little hands to use as support. 

Children ages 18 months and older can use the plastic slide inside or outside or both! It offers an audible click to know for sure your children are safe. The best part parents: no tools required to put the slide together! You can even remove the steps for easier storage.

Finally, a couple of notes: the slide can only support one child over 60 pounds or less at a time. Make sure children take turns and that they go down the slide, not up the slide. The slide weighs only 9 pounds so make sure children do not push it around. 

Baby Joy Folding Slide

Baby Joy Folding Slide, Indoor First Slide Plastic Play Slide Climber Kids (Floral Rail +Basketball Hoop)

The Baby Joy Folding Slide, Indoor First Slide has a small price tag and lots of advantages.

First, the slide has a basketball hoop on the side of the slide to offer dual options of play. Second, it goes together without tools and it even folds up to reduce the size when you need more space for extra guests or a party. 

Next, the slide is made with environmentally friendly and non-toxic HDPE materials that can stand the test of time. It also has extra high, easy-to-grip handrails and actual steps for an easy and sturdy clime. It comes with a buffer zone at the bottom of the slide to ensure kids don’t go sailing across the room! 

Finally, the slide can support up to 110 pounds, and with an age range of 3 to 8 years old, your kids can use this as long as they like. With such a generous weight limit, you could use this for a special needs child. The slide measures 42.5 x 23 x 28 inches in bright primary colors of red, blue, and yellow. 

Little Tikes Junior Play Slide

Little Tikes Junior Play Slide Green/Blue, 5 ft or less

If you are looking for a dedicated slide instead of a climber, check out the Little Tikes Junior Play Slide. The small slide comes in bright green and blue, perfect for a toddler’s bedroom or playroom. Add in wide steps, and a molded slide and you have a safe way for toddlers to learn to use bigger and better slides in the future. 

The slide measures 39 x 18 x 23 inches and weighs a lightweight 9.04 pounds making it the right size for children ages 18 months up to 4 years old or under 50 pounds. When you need the slide out of the way, fold it up and tuck it away. No tools are necessary to put this little slide together, meaning you can provide your toddler a fun and active way to slide in minutes for a reasonable price. 

ReunionG Folding Slide for Kids

ReunionG Folding Slide for Kids, First Slide with Climb and Slide 2-1 Design, Children Play Slide Perfect as Birthday

The ReunionG Folding Slide for Kids comes in primary colors ready to work with tons of decor, although it may be an eye sore if you keep it in your living room. It acts as just a slide and folds up for storage. The real advantage is extra wide steps and supports on the ladder. As a dedicated slide, it’s a little longer for more speed for older toddlers. 

Furthermore, the slide requires only a minimal amount of assembly and includes double-wall resin construction so it’s sturdy. It measures 38″L x 114″W x 9″H and works best for children ages 2 to 5 years old. The slide is perfect for indoors, but it could even go outdoors in the summer to slide into a little kiddie pool. Either way, it has tons of options. 

Best Wood Indoor Slides

The Jupiduu Kids Slide Wooden Slide is a modern and sleek yet simple white sliding board for your little one compared to the Costzon 3-in-1 Wooden Activity Climber which is a triangle, natural wooden climber with an adjustable sliding board.

Jupiduu Kids Wooden Slide 

Jupiduu Kids Slide - Toddler Indoor Wooden Slide for Living Room and Children's Room in White. Wood Slide for Toddlers Aged 1.5 - 4 Years

If you don’t mind a higher price, you can own the Jupiduu – Lovely Kids Wooden Slide. It’s solid wood and very modern in design to enhance decor instead of look like a toy. The white wooden slide was made in Germany, making it a top-quality toy that works with any decorations. It’s so pretty and sleek you could even keep it in your living room or front room for a timeless and safe design.

Plus, it’s the same slide owned by British Prince George. 

It does require some assembly, but it’s easy to put together and measures 27 x 57 x 17 inches to work for children ages 1 to 4 years old. The slide weighs 41.9 pounds and has a smooth finish with two-foot holes to serve as steps.

Furthermore, it has high handrails for kids to hold onto all the way down to the bottom and you may want to place a rug for them to land on. 

Costzon Foldable Wooden Climb & Slide

Costzon Foldable Triangle Climber with Ramp, 3 in 1 Toddler Wooden Activity Climber for Sliding & Climbing, Safety Kids Indoor Toddler Climbing Toys, Suitable for Children Boys Girls (Natural)

If you want an indoor slide for your children within the ages of 6 months to 6 years, you need the Costzon Foldable Wooden Climb & Slide. It includes a climbing wall and adjustable ladder slide so as your child grows, they can play and climb on a steeper slide!

Pick from two colors as well, either natural wood or colorful hues ready to brighten up any space. Even better, it’s made with all-natural, high-quality wood that is strong enough to hold up to 132 pounds.

This climb and slide set folds down easily and flat for storing. If you’re concerned with safety, this structure is ASTM certified and the paint is BPA free and environmentally friendly. The full set measures 48″L x 28″W x 43.5″H inches and weighs 35 pounds. When folded down, the set measures 28″L x 7.5″W x 47″H.

Best Indoor Couch Slide


HAPPYMATY Sofa Slide for Toddler Plastic Lengthen Board Children First Slide Kids Indoor Playset for Over 18-Month-Old Baby Boys Girls

The HAPPYMATY Sofa Slide is a genius idea for indoor play time for your kiddos. Available in white, pink, and blue, this slide can be set up on a sofa, bed, or stairs, making it a versatile and super fun indoor slide for kids!

In about 20 minutes, you should have this sofa slide assembled and ready to go. Its thin width allows you to store it under a bed, sofa, or even upright in a closet when it’s not being used. It’s equipped with handlebars to help littles ones sit down and prepare for sliding. 

HAPPYMATY recommends this sofa slide for children who are 12 months – 10 years in age and up to 220 pounds. It measures 42.2″L x 17.5″W x 7.5″H and parents rave about this indoor slide. With 5-star ratings, it’s an impressive product! 

Best Indoor Slides for Young Toddlers

The Step2 Sports-Tastic Activity Center Playset is both a slide and climber that also includes a sports center with a basketball, bat, and tethered baseball to give more play choices, while the ECR4Kids SoftZone Little Me Play Climb and Slide is two foam pieces, one with 2 steps and the other with a sliding ramp, perfect for the littlest toddler to climb and play.

Step2 Sports-Tastic Activity Center Playset

Step2 Sports-Tastic Activity Center Playset Multi 27 x 29 x 15.5 inches

The Step2 Sports-Tastic Activity Center Playset combines sports with a slide and its one of the lowest-priced options on the list. This does come with one of the smallest slides, too. Don’t worry though, as kids will love the built-in baseball tethered with a rope so they can practice hitting with the included bat. 

Not only does the slide come with a basketball, but both it and the bat also fit into the sidewall for storage and clean-up.  The other side of the slide has a sitting-level mini basketball hoop for basketball. It comes in bright colors with gripping steps up to the slide and a wide platform. 

Lastly, the slide is so tiny because it’s for younger toddlers, starting at 1-year-olds up to 3-year-olds. It measures a tiny 27 x 29 x 15.5 inches and works for babies learning to walk who still spend some time on the floor. It can hold children up to 45 pounds, but only weighs 8 pounds itself. Although you will only use the set for a couple of years, it offers tons of activities without crowding your house. 

ECR4Kids SoftZone Little Me Play Climb and Slide

ECR4Kids - ELR-12653 SoftZone Little Me Play Climb and Slide, Primary (2-Piece)

The ECR4Kids SoftZone Little Me Play Climb and Slide isn’t your typical slide, but instead, a fun foam climber perfect for younger toddlers and even new walkers. It’s soft enough for crawlers to play on, and then it can grow with them as they learn on a baby slide to slide down. This is the only slide you can use from six months old, but it only works for the first two years of your child’s life. 

The heavy, dense foam comes in two pieces and measures 40 x 20 x 10 inches, and stays lightweight at just under eight pounds. You can also choose your preferred colors, including primary colors, blues, and grays, or blues and browns. It’s also super easy to clean and non-slip on the bottom for added benefits. 

Use the hook-and-loop attachment to keep the two pieces of foam together, so the baby doesn’t slip between the two parts. One-piece serves as the slide and the others as two easy steps to help with active play, and motor skills development. It works best when one long side is pushed up against a wall. 

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Comparing Indoor Slides

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

Indoor Slide Buying Criteria


The most important factor of an indoor ladder is the safety of the item.

Little children aren’t always very stable and therefore, need extra safety to support their tiny bodies. Slides become a lot less fun when someone falls off or otherwise gets hurt. All of the slides above are safe for little children and will keep them from getting harmed like they could at a playground on a larger slide. 

One of the advantages of an indoor slide is many homes have carpets to help reduce fall damage if your child were to fall. Also, slides need to be much shorter to fit inside a room.

Slides at playgrounds outside also come with tons of germs that you won’t have to worry about at home as you can wash the slide as often as you like. 


Slides come with a few benefits besides fun.

First, a slide can help to improve balance and coordination especially if your child is one of the ones who like to climb up the slide as well as slide down it! These toys can also provide spatial awareness as they judge the distance to the end. 

Second, slides promote physical activeness and challenges. Kids want speed and they want it over and over again, so they are going to run up the stairs, slide down and then repeat at full speed. This keeps kids active and helps them to exercise their bodies while building muscles, as well as going up the steps. The added benefit of indoor slides is the ability to work out when the weather makes going outside not an option. 

Third, slides promote positive social skills as they develop turn-taking. Kids learn to make friends and learn social standards when sharing space and toys with peers. As such an active toy, when friends visit they will naturally want to use the slide to play, and then your child will want to use it too providing opportunities for shared fun and learning. 

Fun Factor

Finally, slides need to be fun. Trust me, little kids have tons of imagination and can find a way to make even a simple slide into an adventure. Though they may not use a slide every single day, they can have a ton of fun with the simple toy especially with friends or even their dolls or teddy bears. 

The best part of a bunch of the slides above is that they come with multiple activities. But even for the simple slides that don’t, kids can use their imaginations and find inventive uses. Some children may want to slide toys or cars down the slide, or it might become the only way to escape a dragon! The options are endless and it’s a toy that stands the test of time. 

FAQs about Indoor Slides

Should I put soft padding under the slide?

Most slides are built in a way to provide a bumper at the end but a little extra padding certainly doesn’t hurt. If your child is still in pull-ups or diapers, they will have extra padding there as well, but a mat can help as a way to keep them safe if they fall.

Try to find a mat that does not make the slide unleveled because you do not want to reduce the stability of the slide. 

Do I need to monitor my toddler while he is using the slide?

The short answer is yes. It’s better to have a slide in a room where you can monitor your child, as they are inventive and very capable of finding ways of hurting themselves. Whether it’s climbing up, or jumping off the platform, or picking it up and putting it on top of other surfaces, kids can definitely get hurt and that’s why they need constant monitoring the first few years.

Make sure to set clear rules for using the slide, too, to reinforce healthy habits now while they are young. 

Can older children use indoor slides?

Most older children will not find little slides exciting, as they won’t be able to slide very far. Children older than 5-years-old will do better with a much larger slide like you would find at a playground or an outdoor set.

Although, the last option on this list does provide a bigger slide. Just make sure to keep enough space for bigger kids to slide farther, as they will land farther out than a toddler. 


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