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Is it Okay to Have a Baby Shower for Second Baby?

For parents wondering is it okay to have a baby shower for a second baby, the short answer is yes. Today, it’s very popular for parents to have a “sprinkle” (the common name for a second-baby baby shower). Below, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of a second shower and a few ideas on how you can celebrate if traditional isn’t the route you want to go. 

Reasons for Having Another Baby Shower

Even though having a shower for your second child may have once been considered tacky or untraditional, we are far from being in traditional times. Sprinkles are common for a parent’s second, third, or even fourth child. After all, new life is always a reason to celebrate. 

Your Babies are Close in Age

If your child’s sibling is only a year or so older, chances are they haven’t finished using their playpen, high chair, or other big-ticket baby items. Getting a second one of these items ensures both of your babies have everything they need. 

Your Babies are Different Genders

If you have a lot of gender-specific items, big brother or sister might not have a lot to pass on to their younger sibling. Having a second shower with a gift registry reduces some of those expensive items and even cheaper things like close. It’ll also be nice to get some of these items out of the way while you’re shopping for two kids. 

Somebody Offers to Throw You One

While it may be considered a faux-pas for you to host your own second baby shower, there’s no reason you should turn it down if someone else offers to host. Often, your friends and family are excited about another addition to your family, too. Turning down a baby shower if one of them is hosting would be like turning down a free gift. It could also be considered insulting or offensive. 

You’ve Had a Big Move

If you’re in a new place, there’s no reason not to host a shower for your second child. This is especially true if you eliminated some of your baby items in the move. A second baby shower also gives you a chance to celebrate with a new group of people who may not have been in attendance at your first shower. 

Baby Technology is Always Changing

I’m constantly being surprised by the new technology and innovation of baby products today. It’s been five years since I had my last child and there are new products now that didn’t exist when my babies were little. If it’s been a few years, it’s a good idea to have a second shower because baby items have improved since your first child. 

It Doesn’t Have to Be a Big Deal

Second baby showers are often referred to as sprinkles because they aren’t as extravagant as the first shower. Usually, a second shower is a smaller, more intimate gathering. You can also request that guests bring diapers and wipes or other smaller items instead. 

It’s a Chance to Relax

Mothers expecting their second child are often busy taking care of their first child. It can be nice to have someone watch their child for the day and go out for breakfast or a day of relaxation with a few friends or family members. 

Other Ways to Celebrate Your Second Baby

If you decide that a traditional baby shower isn’t your thing, there are a lot of other ways to celebrate the new addition to your family. 

Diaper Party

Traditionally, a diaper party is thrown by a child’s father’s friends and family. The guys get together and they have a celebration. It’s called a diaper party because diapers and wipes are gifted. Usually, the mother gets other gifts for the baby at the shower and this is hosted in addition to the baby shower for the first child. 

If you don’t want to make a baby registry or you already have most of what you need, an alternative could be bringing everyone together for a diaper party. You’ll definitely need diapers and wipes for every baby you have, so it could be a good idea to host one of these instead of a traditional shower for your second baby. 

Sip and See

A sip and see is a type of cocktail party held after the birth of your baby. It’s a more relaxed way to celebrate, especially if you don’t need much for the baby. Everyone gets to visit with your newest addition and mom can even pump and enjoy some drinks, too. Some mothers also might enjoy dressing up for the occasion, especially since they aren’t pregnant.  

Host a Jack and Jill Party

Traditional baby showers were women-only. It was meant as a way for the mother-to-be to relax and have some girl time. A Jack and Jill baby shower is one that includes men and women. The mother and father both get to celebrate. I hosted this way for both of my showers. Personally, I enjoyed that everyone got to be involved in celebrating and that the attention wasn’t only on me. 

Have a Gender Reveal Instead

A gender reveal can be hosted earlier in your pregnancy than a traditional baby shower. Your doctor will even seal the gender in an envelope so you can pass it along to someone to surprise you. If you are hosting your own shower, you can pass it on to a baker and they can color the inside of the cake pink or blue. Another option is releasing balloons, smoke, confetti cannons, or paint that shows the color. This way, the parents and the guests are all surprised. 

A gender reveal is a great option if you don’t need anything many things for your baby. Guests could also bring gender-neutral gifts. 

FAQs about Baby Showers

Who should host the baby shower?

It is rare for mothers-to-be to host their own shower. Usually, a close friend, mother-in-law, aunt, or someone close to you hosts the shower instead. While they may be involved with the guest list or planning, sometimes a friend or family member will do all the planning. This is nice because then all the mother is expected to do is show up. 

If you are having someone else host your shower, don’t be afraid to speak up about anything you want or don’t want. Share who you want to be invited, the length of the shower, games to be played (if any), and what types of gifts (if any) guests should bring. However, try not to micromanage and remember that the baby shower is your day to relax and celebrate, not stress over the details.

Do I have to play games at my baby shower? 

The main purpose of a baby shower is to celebrate the birth of your baby. For parents that find baby shower games cheesy, it’s not necessary to play games. You also may not want to play games if you plan on having a short shower. Some hosts offer up gift bags in lieu of prizes for games at the baby shower. This is a good alternative if you want people to walk away from the shower with something but don’t want to play games. 

When should I host my baby shower? 

Usually, baby showers are hosted about 4-6 weeks before the baby is due. While you can have it earlier or later based on your preference, this is a good timeframe because it’s early enough that the mother isn’t exhausted from the later stages of pregnancy. It’s also early enough that you have time to buy anything you don’t get at your shower. Additionally, this timeframe is late enough that the mother is showing (which will be great for shower pictures) and late enough to know the sex of the baby and when he/she is expected.

The most popular time for a baby shower is early afternoon. It makes it easier to cater since you don’t have to feed everyone a solid meal like dinner. Having an afternoon shower also gives plenty of time for set up, while it isn’t so late that the expectant mother is too exhausted to enjoy the get-together. You can learn more about choosing the best time of day for a baby shower here

Final Word

We are far from traditional times, which is good news for parents wondering is it okay to host a shower for a second baby. Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to celebrate every baby that your family has. There are a lot of options if you want to do something less extravagant or baby-showery for your second baby, too. Hopefully, this article has helped you come up with some ideas of how you might celebrate. 

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