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Choosing the Best Time of Day for a Baby Shower

Whether in the morning or afternoon, the best time to hold a baby shower is when it’s most enjoyable and when most of the guests will be able to attend. Below, we’ll break down some of the things you should consider as you look for the best time of day for a baby shower.

When is the Best Time of Day for a Baby Shower? 

Most baby showers start around 1-2 p.m. and last anywhere from 2-4 hours. This is a good time because it gives you time to set up for the party without having to rush. The mother can have plenty of time to rest and then get ready for the shower. It also isn’t so late that the expectant mother becomes exhausted by the end of the party. 

The length of the baby shower really depends on what you have planned. If guests are casually eating as they show up and then you are opening gifts, the shower might only take 2 hours. Mothers who want to play games or have more time for socializing might decide to have a baby shower that is 3-4 hours long. 

How to Decide When to Have Your Baby Shower

Having your baby shower in the early afternoon is only a guideline based on the most popular choice. What matters most is what works best for y0u, Below, you’ll find some factors you should keep in mind as you decide what time of day to have your baby shower. 

Consider Who’s Attending

Who are some of the most important people that you want at your baby shower? In addition to both parents’ schedules, you’ll want to consider any other friends or relatives you’d really like to be at your shower. (For example, we always plan our family gatherings on Sunday, because that’s the only day my grandpa is off work and able to bring my grandma to functions). If you have friends with school-age children, you’ll also want to have it early enough or late enough that they don’t have to leave to pick their kids up in the middle of the shower. 

The best thing you can do is create a guest list before you decide on a time/date and send out invitations. Talk to the people you want to be there the most and find out what works for them. You’ll also want to make decisions about who you want to attend. (Some mothers invite everyone, while others might only invite women or request that the shower be kid-free). Once you know which guests you want to invite the most, ask them what days generally work best and try to plan around that. 


How long are you expecting to entertain everyone? Some people have longer showers because they like to play fun games and want to have time for everything. Even then, they usually only last a maximum of 3-4 hours.

If you are going to have a longer shower, you’ll want to start earlier so it doesn’t run as late. Additionally, you’ll want to plan it around the time of day when you aren’t feeling exhausted. Also, make sure to wear a comfortable maternity outfit and comfortable shoes if this is the case!

Pregnancy Symptoms

Every pregnancy is different. For me, I seemed to have minimal symptoms with my first child and a lot of symptoms with my second. If you are still experiencing nausea in the third trimester, you’ll want to plan the party around the time of day when it’s best. If you struggle with exhaustion, you’ll want to plan around your schedule and the time of day when you are most alert. Keep in mind that your baby shower is supposed to be a celebration. You won’t want to celebrate as much if you are feeling under the weather. 

Types of Refreshments

Another benefit of having your baby shower earlier is that it may not be as expensive to cater the baby shower. Most baby showers include food and some type of refreshments. If you have guests around dinner time, you may be expected to provide heartier foods. Something lighter like lunch or early afternoon hours is going to work best. Some pregnant mothers also opt for a baby shower brunch. You’ll want to keep your guests in mind if you do choose earlier hours; some people would rather spend their weekend sleeping in. You’ll also want to consider if you want to be up getting ready for the baby shower early on a weekend. 

Timing Around Other Events

Some mothers want their baby’s celebration to be on its own day. If your baby shower date is around the holidays or your birthday, however, it might be easier to host the shower when everyone is already together. Personally, I had my shower and my oldest son’s second birthday at the same time. He was happy that he had gifts to open and there was plenty of cake. It was also easier because everyone was already together and I didn’t have to worry about people skipping it because I hosted the events just a few weekends apart. 

It’s okay if you want your baby to have a special day to shine, too. If you don’t want to share a day, be sure to plan the shower for a day when people aren’t having other gatherings so it’s more likely your guests can attend. 


Sometimes, the location you choose to have your baby shower in is going to affect what time you should host. If you choose to rent a room, you might be restricted by the times available and if other people are having a lot of parties around that time. If you decide to host outside, you’ll also want to plan the shower around any weather problems. For example, showers planned in the summer might be best earlier in the day before it gets too hot outside. Heat can be especially exhausting for a pregnant woman. 

FAQs About the Best Time of Day for a Baby Shower

When in my pregnancy should I have my baby shower? 

Most women wait until they are in their early-to-mid third trimester before having their baby shower. This is late enough in the pregnancy that they are showing (which makes for great baby shower photos) and early enough that they aren’t overwhelmed and exhausted from their pregnancy. Many women find that carrying around the weight of their baby in the third trimester gets exhausting especially toward the end of the pregnancy. 

Waiting until the third trimester also gives you plenty of time for planning and creating your baby registry. As an added benefit, many parents already know the sex of their baby so guests can buy boy or girl-specific items. You can also give yourself time to buy any of those baby-essential items that you don’t end up getting at the baby shower. 

What day of the week should I have my baby shower?

As many people work during the week, the most popular days to have a baby shower is Saturday and Sunday. By planning the shower for a day when more people are available, you’ll make it easier for people to attend. You’ll also want to avoid having your shower near or on the holidays because this can also affect attendance. 

Can I have a baby shower for my second baby? 

The opinions about having a baby shower for your second baby are mixed. Traditionally, mothers only hosted showers for their first baby. One of the primary reasons for this was that baby items could be passed down between siblings so parents didn’t have as much financial strain with their second, third, or fourth children. These are not traditional times though, and it has become quite common for parents to host a baby shower for their second baby

If you do want to celebrate your baby’s birth but don’t need a barrage of baby shower gifts, another option is to throw a diaper party. A diaper party is another celebration held for expectant parents where everyone gets together to celebrate. Guests bring diapers or wipes (something you can never have enough of) in lieu of clothes or other gifts for the baby. Another benefit of diapers is that it’s easy to exchange unopened boxes at the store for different sizes; this lets you swap out sizes as your baby grows. 

Final Word

When it comes to timing your baby shower, only you know what is going to work best. While hosting between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. is the most common, you can adjust this according to your schedule, the schedule of your guests, and how you are feeling as your pregnancy goes on. Hopefully, this guide has helped you narrow down the best time of day for your baby shower. 

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