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Did You Pick a “Law Abiding” Baby Name?

Most parents know they shouldn’t pick a baby name that will subject their child to merciless teasing!

But we thought it would be interesting to see which names might lead to more trouble with the law!

Search your baby name pick against our arrest database to see how it shapes up.

Arrest Finder


Because bookings are made with official names, the more formal variations of names are probably more accurate. For example, Tom shows up in the 0.15% percentile whereas Thomas is 27.14%. The same is true for Bill and William, Jeff and Jeffrey, and so on.

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Arrests by First Name - Toddler posing for mug shot
Courtesy of Holly Marie Photography

People with the most common names like John, Michael and David, naturally turn up the most in the arrest database. There are many more people with those common names in general, not just in our arrest database.

We adjusted the percentiles in the app and other data in this article to account for name frequency.

Baby boy behind bars smiling

Here are the leading baby names for boys this year and where they rank in number of arrests.

Higher percentiles represent a higher probability of arrests.

With the exception of Liam and Elijah, they are all clustered around the 25th to 35th percentile.


Baby boy mugshot - sideview

The girls have a much lower average percentile.


The Worst of the Worst

Baby boy growling behind barsWe considered showing all the naughty things perpetrated by these names in the app, but then thought better of it.

First, it is a real downer. Who wants to think about homicide, drug dealing and worse when they are picking baby names?

And second, just about every name has committed every crime at some point along the way. 

But just to give you a taste of who some of the winners (losers?) were by category:

  • Shoplifting
  • DUI’s
  • Forgery
  • Drug Dealing

When we look at all arrests, regardless of category, these names float to the top:


Maybe you don’t want to give your kid a long name!

Interestingly enough, we found in the Baby Income study that people with shorter names make more money. That’s two good reasons to choose a short name.

About the Data

Arrest records are publicly available so we downloaded data from countless counties in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Utah.

All total, we ended up with 1.45 million combinations of first names and crimes people were charged with.

There were 27,000 first names to begin with, and when we mapped all the charges to common crime categories, there were 13,000 names remaining. That means there were arrests in our study for many names that will show up as not-found in the app, just because they were charged with a crime that didn’t fit into one of our categories.

Then we adjusted all the data to compensate for name frequency. Some names are much more common and we didn’t want that to skew the results.


  1. Newborn Photographer Carmel Indiana, www.hollymarie-photography.com

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