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The Best Month to Have a Baby

Which season of the year is best for having a baby? Which month?

Many moms and other experts say that spring is the best time to give birth because it seems natural to birth young ones when nature is out there doing the same thing. But not all animals give birth in the spring, and animal birthing cycles are regulated by resources, migration, and other factors that aren’t common to humans.

The ideal month to have a baby may depend on where you find yourself on the globe. If you live in the north where winters are frigid and blizzards are likely, you might consider:

  • Would it feel cozy to be shut up inside with a newborn for a few months?
  • Or would I go stir crazy with cabin fever?

Questions like these can only be answered by you and your spouse and it’s worth considering that birth month happiness may be dependent on who you are and where you are — in your geographical position and in life.

So, does the best birth month exist, or is it just a matter of personal opinion?


Spring is a beloved birth season for practical reasons:

  • No winter bundling up for baby
  • Easy to get outside
  • Less sickness going around

Depending on where you live, springtime means milder temperatures, a feeling of new beginnings and some moms say this is the ideal season to give birth. Having a baby in March, April or May also means that there won’t be trouble deciding when that little one will start school. A spring birth means no hot summer to drag through in maternity clothes or being snowed in with nowhere to go.

Fun Fact: The majority of airline pilots are born in March.

March birth flower: Daffodil or Jonquil

March birthstone: Aquamarine

April birth flower: Daisy or Sweet Pea

April birthstone: Diamond

May birth flower: Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn

May Birthstone: Emerald


Being in the final trimester of pregnancy during the summer months can be draining. My baby was born after a record hot summer. I found daily relief by soaking my hot, swollen feet in a plastic backyard wading pool.

On the other hand, having a midsummer baby also offers the opportunity to be outside and unbundled, walking or jogging off the baby weight.

The CDC keeps track of the nation’s birthing data and records show that July through October are the busiest months for baby arrivals. August and September are the most popular months currently to have a baby. Having a summer birthday means school’s out and a birthday party can be filled with outdoor fun.  

Fun Facts:

  • Nearly half of all presidential first ladies were born in the summer.
  • Five out of the last 22 Nobel peace prize winners were born in June.

June birth flower: Rose or Honeysuckle

June birthstone: Alexandrite

July birth flower: Larkspur or Water Lily

July birthstone: Ruby

August birth flower: Gladiolus or Poppy

August birthstone: Peridot


So, if your wading pool can get you through a hot summer, you could give birth in the fall.  Your tiny baby won’t mind being cooped up with mom over the winter, and when next spring rolls around he might be mobile and ready to really enjoy the outdoors.

Some researchers have determined that Autumn babies:

Fun Fact: September 9 has often been the most popular birthdate of the year.

September birth flower: Aster or Morning Glory

September birthstone: Sapphire

October birth flower: Calendula or Cosmos

October birthstone: Pink Tourmaline

November birth flower: Crysanthemum

November birthstone: Topaz


December is the least popular month to have a baby and January and February are the next most neglected birthing months.

However, winter can be one of the coziest times to give birth. It just feels nicer to snuggle and feed your baby when you’re not warm and sweaty. Studies show that winter babies are less irritable than other babies. [x]

According to the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, babies born in January and February may have a sports advantage. Many youth athletics have birthday cutoffs of January 1st. A child born in January or February will be older, bigger, and stronger than her younger teammates whose birthdays fall later in the year.

There are some downers about a winter birth. Seasonal viruses like the flu and lack of sunlight can affect a mom’s health. Winter babies can also be affected by the lack of light.

Fun Fact: More dentists are born in December than any other month of the year, and a high percentage of artists are born in February.

Famous winter birthdays include Clara Barton, Mozart, Joan of Arc, Elvis Presley, Isaac Newton, Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Thomas Edison, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Galileo Galilei, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln.

December birth flower: Narcissus or Holly

December birthstone: Blue Topaz

January birth flower: Carnation or Snowdrop

January birthstone: Garnet

February birth flower: Violet or Primrose

February birthstone: Amethyst

Wrap Up

As the mother of eleven, I’ve seen my share of birth months and each one was a different experience. 

I had two December births:

  • One December birth was peaceful
  • The second December birth left me basking in a post-Christmas virus.

I had two July babies:

  • My first July birth came after hot weather and flooding. (We considered naming the baby Noah.)
  • Eight years later, our second July baby entered the world on a pleasant, breezy day.

Homelife, health, weather, and your location may all help you decide which month is the best month to have a baby. The perfect birthing month for you may also depend on work schedules, family demands, the best time to save  money, and other commitments.

When you consider the best month to have a baby, perhaps it’s like the question of what to name the baby — there may be no right or wrong answer.


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Lisa Luciano    

Lisa is a homeschooling mom, freelance writer and Etsy shop owner. She and her husband have eleven children and live in the Midwest. When she's not cooking for a crowd, Lisa loves reading, thrift-shopping and walking circles around the family's rural property.