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The Best Newborn Onesies of 2022

After hours of researching the market for the best newborn onesies, three major brands rose to the surface: Gerber, Carters, and Burt’s Bees. While there are many excellent choices on the market, the list below holds the best newborn onesies that are approved by moms for their comfort, versatility, and durability.  

Best Short Sleeve Onesie:
Best White Onesie:
Softest Baby Onesie:
Best Organic Newborn Onesie:
Best Long Sleeve Onesie:
Best Newborn Onesie with Mitten Cuffs:

Best Short Sleeve Onesies for Newborns

The Burt’s Bees Baby Bodysuits are made from soft organic cotton that mother’s love for their little one’s and is available in multiple colors and patterns, while the Gerber Baby 5-pack or 15-pack of Bodysuits is made from organic cotton but some mom’s feel it is a thinner material and these onesies are only available in a gray patterned set and plain white.  

Simple Joys Baby 6-Pack Short-Sleeve Bodysuit

Simple Joys by Carter's Baby Girls' Short-Sleeve Bodysuit, Pack of 6, Pink/Grey/Mint Green, Newborn

Made and produced by Carter, the Simple Joys by Carter’s 6-Pack Short-Sleeve Bodysuit is another competitive option on the market.  Though priced higher than the Gerber 5-pack, the Simple Joys brand not only offers an extra onesie but is also an organic clothing option. 

Offered in 8 color designs, each pack contains 6 unique onesies that follow a specified color scheme.  While the featured image showcases a girl design, Simple Joys also offers a boys line of similar onesies and a plain white option.  There is no difference between these except that the girls’ designs feature a scalloped neckline and some of the boy designs have a decorative pocket on the front. 

Each 6-pack includes four onesies with overlapped, expandable necklines and two onesies with snap enclosures at the back of the neckline.  Made of 100% cotton, these onesies are lightweight and can be great for layering or worn as separates.  Each onesie features a 3-snap enclosure at the base fastened in a reinforced hem for a secure snap.

What Buyers Are Saying

Overall, most users were pleased with the Simple Joys Carter Baby 6-Pack Bodysuits.  Most moms felt that the clothing held up well after many washes and very few had issues with seams coming undone or snaps falling out. 

For a single clothing pack, these onesies offer a lot of simple variety in one package.  The cute and simplistic designs were a big hit with many moms. 

Some moms did note however that the Simple Joys line of onesies tended to run slimmer and longer than other Carter brand onesies.  Though not a fault in any way, this can be a valuable piece of insight when purchasing this bundle. 

Some users also mentioned there was a slight discrepancy in the color choices for the girl’s line.  What some believed was a pastel pink was more “neon pink” when it arrived.  While this did not affect the quality of the garment in any way, if color is important, this is good to know.   

All of this considered, the Simple Joys Newborn Onesie 6-pack is still a favorite in many households.        

Gerber Baby Solid 5-Pack Onesies

Image of the GERBER Baby 5-Pack Solid Onesies Bodysuits, White, Newborn

The GERBER Baby 5-Pack is one of the most popular newborn onesies on the market. 

Sold as a pack of 5, these onesies are available in four colors: white, pink, gray, or baby blue.  Made of 100% cotton, these onesies feature short sleeves, expandable necklines, and a two-button snap enclosure at the bottom. 

Short sleeves make these onesies ideal for layering or for warm-weather babies.  An expandable neckline can accommodate a wide range of head sizes and the cotton material is lightweight and breathable. 

In an effort to make diaper changing as simple as possible, Gerber onesies feature only two snaps and the snaps are conveniently located slightly more to the front of the onesie, making them more accessible than directly between the legs. 

Sitting at the lower end of the price market, the GERBER Baby 5-Pack is a great bang for your buck.

What Buyers Are Saying

As one of the predominant brands on the market, this Gerber 5 pack is very popular with moms around the world.  Many moms love the simple colors for easy, at-home wear and for layering under cuter, themed outfits. 

It is important to note with all 100% cotton designs, these onesies will shrink slightly when washed for the first time (pro tip: use a great baby-friendly detergent).  This is not unique to Gerber but rather a common issue with all-cotton designs.  Some moms were not prepared for this and it’s a helpful tidbit to keep in mind. 

Most users commented that the Gerber design held up well after many washes. 

Several users also remarked that the Gerber design tends to run smaller than other clothing brands.  This was a lifesaver for moms with smaller, more lean newborns and moms of Preemies.  Many moms had a hard time finding another brand that fit their infants as well as Gerber did. 

The Gerber Newborn 5-Pack Onesies are a great option to have on hand in your home.     

Gerber Baby 5-Pack or 15 Multi Size Organic Onesies

Gerber Baby 5-Pack Organic Short Sleeve Onesies Bodysuits, white 5 Pack, Newborn

When it comes to practical variety, the GERBER Baby 5-Pack or 15 Multi Size Organic Onesies is the way to go. 

Recognizing that newborns often gain weight quickly, this bundled deal allows moms to have something on hand when their little ones hit a growth spurt and no longer fit into the newborn size.  There is the option to simply purchase 5 onesies in one size or to buy three different sizes of onesies as a pack of 15. 

All of the onesies are white, short-sleeved, and feature a two-button snap enclosure at the base of the bodysuit.  These onesies are also made of 100% organic cotton, making them soft and breathable on the newborn’s skin. 

Each neckline features an overlapping design that allows it to gently expand over the baby’s head without squeezing.  

What Buyers Are Saying

As with all Gerber onesies, these onesies tend to run slightly smaller than other children’s brands.  For this reason, moms with smaller framed or preemie babies adore this brand. 

Other moms with chunkier babies have sometimes bypassed the newborn size altogether and ordered this combo pack in 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-9 months.  In any case, having a size variety from the get-go has been a dream come true for many moms. 

Once again, the simplistic white design makes these onesies ideal for layering or just wearing around the house. 

For some users, the smaller sizing has been a frustration.  The nice thing about this combo pack is that you can experiment with a few sizes at a time for a much lower price than other onesie brands. 

Some moms felt that these onesies were thinner cotton than other brands while other moms loved how breathable the onesies were. 

Overall, this combo pack combines practicality, versatility, and durability for any mom.

Burt’s Bees Baby Unisex Bodysuits

Another great find for a newborn onesie is the Burt’s Bees Baby Unisex Baby Bodysuits. 

Sold as a pack of 5, these onesies are available as either short or long-sleeved onesies.  Offering a GOTS certification for their organic cotton, these onesies are exceptionally soft and breathable. 

Each onesie features a 3-snap button enclosure at the base of the onesie and an overlapping, expandable neck design. 

These soft onesies are available in eight different color varieties ranging from plain white to grays and yellow.  The long-sleeved option is available only in white and does not have sewn-in mitten coverage.  

What Buyers Are Saying

A favorite feature of many moms and grand-moms alike is the certified, soft, organic cotton. 

Several users noted that these onesies held up to many washes better than other onesie brands they owned.  Users mentioned that the cotton material does still shrink slightly after the first wash. 

A few users said that the sizing ran a little smaller than other Burt’s Bees clothing which was loved by some and disliked by other moms.  How the clothes fit on the newborn is predominantly a matter of preference. 

Sitting at a slightly higher price point than other comparable onesie brands, several moms feel that the softer feel and extra durability of these Burt’s Bees onesies make the purchase worthwhile.  

Best Long Sleeve Onesies for Newborns

When comparing the long sleeve onesies, the Carters 4-Pack Cotton Kimono Tees with Mitten Cuffs are a t-shirt style that do not cover the diapers which makes changing a baby’s diaper very easy; whereas the Gerber Long Sleeve Mitten-Cuff Onesies are traditional onesies that cover the diaper with 3 snaps for easy diapering.

Carter’s Baby 4-Pack Cotton Kimono Tees

In an effort to make diaper changing as simple as possible, Carter Baby designed the Carters Baby Boys 4-Pack Cotton Kimono Tees

Made of cotton, these onesies are very breathable and light.  Designed with long sleeves for full arm coverage, these onesies also feature sewn-in mitten cuffs for babies prone to scratching themselves. 

With three side snaps, these kimono onesies do not have a panel that reaches around the diaper area making diapers extremely accessible. 

They can be purchased as a set of 4 in a small variety of solid colors. 

What Buyers Are Saying

When it comes to diaper changing, it doesn’t get much easier than these kimono onesies. 

This open design has a love-hate relationship with many moms. 

Moms that love it enjoy avoiding the snap enclosures of other onesies during diaper changes.  Especially in the early stages, the easy side-snap enclosures also make skin-to-skin contact exponentially easier than completely undressing the baby for that special snuggle time. 

On the flip side, some moms preferred the added level of security that a onesie with a diaper panel supplies.  Sometimes the extra snap panel helps support the diaper during a blow-out and the kimono onesie does not offer this added support.  Without the around-the-diaper panel, the shirt can also ride up each time the baby is picked up or moved around.  Some moms remedied this by using the kimono onesie more like a light sweater while others just avoided them altogether. 

Having the sewn-in cuffs was an added bonus for all moms and the simple color designs made it an easy unisex gift or a great add-on option for new moms trying to decide what they liked best.   

Gerber Baby Long-Sleeve Mitten-Cuff Onesies  

Image of the GERBER Baby 6-Pack Long-Sleeve Mitten-Cuff Onesies Bodysuit, White, Newborn


For colder weather babies, Gerber Baby also has long-sleeved onesies available.  The GERBER Baby Long-Sleeve Mitten-Cuff Onesies can be purchased as a pack of 6 or a pack of 3

Sitting at the lower end of the price market, these onesie packs can be a great addition to any newborn wardrobe.  Sold in white, each onesie is 100% cotton, has long sleeves, and an overlapped expandable neckline. 

Some Gerber onesies come with a 3 snap enclosure and some feature only 2 snaps.  In either case, keeping with the Gerber design, the snaps are situated more to the front of the onesie to assist with easy diaper changes. 

Each onesie also has fold-over mitten cuffs.  These cuffs fold over the baby’s hands to keep them from accidentally scratching their faces with their fingernails.  If not in use, they can be folded back over the sleeve without adding bulk to the hemline.  Having this sewn-in design makes it much harder for little ones to remove the mittens by accident and scratch themselves unawares.  

What Buyers Are Saying

Many moms prefer long-sleeved onesies for their newborns.  Obviously, cold-weather babies need more skin coverage but many moms with A/C also prefer to keep their newborn’s skin covered as the artificial cold can sometimes make a newborn’s skin feel clammy or chilled. 

Having some light, long-sleeved onesies can be a huge plus as the baby’s sensitive skin begins to get used to his/her new environment.  These onesies were also a plus for moms of allergy-sensitive babies.  Some skin conditions like eczema or seasonal allergies can be maintained better if the newborn’s skin is not as exposed (aka long sleeves versus short ones). 

While this is simply a matter of preference, it can be wise to have a few long-sleeved onesies like these Gerber ones on hand just in case.

Sitting on the lower end of the price point scale, some moms feel that these Gerber onesies are a little too thin. 

The 100% cotton design does shrink when washed and Gerber sizes already run a little smaller.  So these would be important things to keep in mind when purchasing. 

Overall, however, many moms felt that these long-sleeved, simple onesies were an essential staple for their baby’s wardrobe.    

Comparing Newborn Onesies

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

How We Selected Newborn Onesies

First, let’s clarify what a onesie is exactly. 

Called by many different names (onesie, bodysuit, snap-up), a onesie is a single garment with a snap enclosure.  Onesies can typically be put into two design categories: shirts and bodysuits.  

Shirt onesies are similar to a t-shirt with an added panel that secures around the diaper region for support and to avoid the garment riding up and exposing the torso. 

Bodysuit onesies offer full torso and diaper area coverage while leaving the legs exposed. 

We have included a small handful of each type of onesie for this list of top newborn onesies.  To avoid a slant in any particular design or color preference, these top onesies were not picked for the “cuteness” factor.  Rather, this list consists of onesies that held up well under the strain of everyday wear and tear that comes with newborns. 

Moms of newborns need a good stock of onesies that hold up well in the washing machine, make changing easy, fit their baby well, and are both comfortable and safe.  


Newborns arrive in all sorts of shapes and sizes. 

Modern technology and science can sometimes equip moms to predict the size and weight of their little ones but to a certain extent, what size your newborn will wear when he/she arrives is a little bit of a guessing game. 

With this in mind, when it comes to ordering onesies, it can be helpful to have a few different brands and/or sizes on hand when the little one arrives.  After seeing your little bundle of joy, you can then make a more educated decision on which onesies are the right “fit” (pun intended) for you. 

If you have a longer, more lean baby, Gerber’s sizing design may be the best onesies for you.  If you have a little nugget that arrives on the chunkier side, you may want to try the Carter brand of onesies as they tend to have a more roomy onesie design. 

You can even mix and match brands and sizes if you prefer.  There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to sizing.     

Organic vs. Non-organic

Whether you buy organic or non-organic onesies is predominantly a matter of preference and most baby brands offer onesies in both organic and non-organic cotton blends. 

So, aside from the price tag, what is the difference between the two? 

First, it is helpful to keep in mind that the newborn’s skin is very sensitive when they first arrive in their new environment. Many moms have said that organic cotton onesies are softer to the touch and more gentle on the skin. 

This does not imply that non-organic onesies are rough to the touch or bad for your baby’s skin.  However, there is an added level of comfort with higher quality material. 

In addition, as with any higher quality item, organic onesies tend to hold up better to washes and the wear and tear of newborn life. 

In short, you can pay less for a higher number of onesies or pay more for a smaller number of onesies but ones that will probably hold up better for future babies.  

Long-sleeves versus Short-sleeves

Having a baby in the summer does not necessarily mean that you won’t need any long-sleeved clothing. 

As noted before, newborns have more sensitive skin and it can often be a smart choice to have long-sleeved onesies on hand for outdoor adventures (protection from sun and natural allergens) and to help keep your newborn warm from artificially chilled air (A/C). 

As blankets are generally discouraged for newborns, it is wise to have long-sleeved bodysuits for nighttime.  As most onesies are made of light cotton, you rarely have to worry about your little one overheating. 

Even in colder weather, having light layers is often advised by moms of experience.    

Another advantage of a long-sleeved onesie is that they typically have hand mittens sewn into the sleeve.  These can be a lifesaver for moms with little ones that accidentally scratch their faces.  Mittens can be purchased separately but some moms find that the ones sewn into the onesie sleeves are harder for their newborns to remove, thereby giving the mom more peace of mind.  

FAQs About Newborn Onesies

Can my newborn wear a onesie?

Onesies are the go-to clothing choice for newborns.  They are easy to slip on and off and usually hold up well after several washings. 

The light cotton design of most onesies is also ideal for letting the sensitive skin of your newborn breathe.  Onesies are also a great clothing choice for taking your newborn in and out of the car seat.  Onesies tend to stay closer to the body and therefore make it easy to snap and buckle the harnesses without getting clothes in the way. 

Onesies are designed to be safe, comfortable, and practical for all newborns and there are a variety of styles to choose from to best suit your personal preferences.  

What are the best clothes to have on hand for a newborn?

Newborns are typically sleepy and snuggly for the first few weeks.  

While it is hard to resist the adorable cuteness of 3-piece newborn sets, these outfits aren’t incredibly practical for everyday wear.  While they are great for special occasions and outings, the best clothes to have on hand for your newborn are soft onesies (both long and short-sleeved), stretchy pants, soft hats, and sleepers or sleep sacks.

How many onesies should I have on hand for my newborn?

Many moms recommend having a minimum of 15 onesies with a mix of both long and short-sleeves. In addition, it would be good to have at least 7 sleepers (full-body pajamas with the footies) for nighttime wear. 

This amount of onesies allows you 2 outfits per day and one set of baby pajamas per night for a whole week.  With any luck, you might only have to do laundry for your newborn once a week!


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