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The 20 Best Baby Pillows of 2022

Find the best options here to help with flat head or other issues like acid reflux, colic, congestion, or just for a little extra comfort. And be sure to read our buying criteria for important information about your baby’s health. 

Best Baby Pillow:
Best Flat Head Pillow:
Best Baby Pillow Bed:
Best Toddler Pillow:

Best Baby Pillows

Unlike the Celeep Pillow and the Organic Cotton Baby Pillow is adjustable so your baby can rest in the perfect position. The wedge pillow are great for reducing reflux, colic, and congestion.

Celeep Baby Pillow Set

Toddler Pillow by Celeep-2 Pack 13

Grab a pack of 2 baby pillows with the Celeep Baby Pillow Set. These pillows are made from 7D Hollow Microfiber Filling and are 13″ x 18″ which is the ideal size for most baby cribs.

Other features of the Celeep pillows include them being hypoallergenic and mold, mildew, and dust mite-resistant. This baby pillow is actually chiropractor-recommended! For two pillows, you’re getting a pretty great deal compared to other baby pillows. 

Organic Cotton Mesh Pillow

Baby Pillow for Newborn, Breathable 3D Air Mesh Organic Cotton, Protection for Flat Head Syndrome (Pink)

This Organic Cotton Mesh Pillow from JOHN N TREE is simply adorable! Made with 100% ECO-friendly organic cotton and 3D air mesh that helps keep your baby cool, this certified baby pillow is a great option.

Other than the premium materials, my favorite feature of this baby pillow is that it’s adjustable. An adjustable pillow? Yep! By simply rubbing the pillow along the neck area from in to out, you can lower the height of this area, to better fit your baby’s neck and head. Choose from a huge variety of designs!

Koala Babycare Memory Foam Baby Pillow

Koala Babycare Memory Foam Baby Pillow for Newborn Prevent Flat Head Plagiocephaly Pillow with Two Removable Covers - Baby Head Shaping Pillow for The Prevention of Flat Head Syndrome

If your baby suffers from reflux, colic, or nasal congestion, then you need the Koala Memory Foam Baby Pillow. The quilted cover offers a little traction and makes the pillow more comfortable for your baby. 

It’s also well-ventilated, thanks to the cotton fabric and memory foam. It also has GOTS certification for its high-quality materials. For the little pillow, choose from over twelve lovely patterns.

Flathead syndrome can be avoided by using a specially constructed indent to keep your baby’s head in place. It’s small enough to fit practically anyplace, measuring 12.6x 9.5 inches.

Make careful to read the provided instructions for proper washing instructions and avoid using a high-heat dryer to dry the cushion. You can, however, remove the cover to wash it quickly.

You can now assist in distributing the pressure exerted by your baby’s head for a more comfortable resting position. It can even be adjusted with a little help from mom!

Baby Toddler First Pillow 

Baby Toddler First Pillow 2 Pack with Pillowcase (13 x 18), Baby Toddler 's Flat Pillows, Machine Washable Soft Travel Pillow

For a more traditional pillow-like mom and dad use, get your baby the Baby Toddler First Pillow. Not only do you get two pillows, but pillowcases, too.

Each pillow measures 13 x 18 inches. As for the thickness, it measures 2.5 around the sides and 1.9 inches in the center. 

The pillow is the right size to use for babies, and then they can continue using the pillow as toddlers. It’s got just enough stuffing to support the baby’s spine, head, and neck without causing issues. 

Trust us, the pillow won’t bunch around thanks to the inner seams keeping all the filler inside safely. Wash the pillow in the machine and air dry, although the pillowcases can go in the machine to dry. 

Furthermore, the pillow is free of chemicals and uses Oeko-Tex 100 class cotton for the pillowcase to cradle tiny heads in comfort. The pillows use an envelope design to prevent zippers that can attach to babies’ hair or clothing. 

Bassinet Wedge Pillow 

The Bassinet Wedge Pillow offers a great way to help congested babies sleep better. It’s also great for babies with acid reflux or a sensitive stomach. What makes it even better is the anti-skid bottom keeping the pillow from sliding. 

Moreover, the pillow is a great option for parents not comfortable with memory foam. This one is made with regular foam. The pillow comes with luxurious 100 percent cotton with an inner waterproof layer to protect the foam. All with a waffle-designed fabric and materials free of BPA, latex, phthalates, lead, and other toxins. 

The hypoallergenic cover is easy to remove and wash and travel with, too, thanks to the storage bag with a handle. You can also pick from two sizes on the width, including 15 or 18 inches to suit your needs and baby furniture. The pillow elevates gradually to a full 15-degree slope to maintain comfort and help with issues like a runny nose and sniffles. 

Fit the pillow in a bassinet or even on the floor for tummy time. Make sure to monitor your baby when using the pillow. 

Best Flat Head Pillows

The W WelLifes Pillow and John and Tree Pillow are made with 100% Organic Cotton. Bammax Newborn Pillow offers a good memory foam pillow option. The Boppy Noggin is great for car seats, swings, and more.

W WelLifes Pillow

Baby Pillow for Newborn Breathable 3D Air Mesh Organic Cotton, Protection for Flat Head Syndrome Bambi Pink

The W WelLifes Pillow is a colorful infant pillow with a dedicated shape for infants’ heads. It’s made of a breathable sequential 3D-air mesh construction so you can use it for summer or winter.

Furthermore, it’s well-ventilated with 100 percent organic cotton fabric. It’s even certified for GOTS for its high-quality materials. Pick from over twelve adorable patterns for the tiny pillow.

A specifically designed indent keeps your baby’s head in place and helps to prevent flat head syndrome. It measures 12.6x 9.5 inches, making it small enough to fit almost anywhere. 

Make sure to read the included information for proper washing information and avoid putting the pillow in the dryer on high heat. Although, you can remove the cover to wash for quick cleanup. 

Now you can help to distribute the pressure your baby’s head exerts for a more comfortable sleeping position. It’s even adjustable with just a minor bit of help from mom!

John and Tree Organic Pillow

Baby Pillow for Newborn, Breathable Organic Cotton, Protection for Flat Head Syndrome (Cloud Lamb)

The John and Tree Organic Pillow is not only affordable but also healthy! Thanks to 100% natural organic cotton and hypoallergenic polyester filling, it’s the perfect option for sensitive skin. The pillow is also dye-free with no bleaches or printing and it’s breathable. 

Next, a sweet sheep design provides a built-in indent for your baby’s head. It’s the perfect option to help prevent flat head syndrome. With the double-sided design, you can flip the pillow over as needed for comfort. 

The pillow measures 15 x 8 inches. You can wash it in the machine using a laundry bag on a gentle cycle in cold water and air dry. Moreover, the pillow is globally certified for organic standards.

You can use the pillow to help position your baby for nursing, diaper changes, in their bassinet, or even on their playmat. Do not use it at night in the crib with your baby, as it can be a safety hazard. 

If you don’t like the sheep design, you can pick from several other animals for the adorable pillow you desire. 

Mokeydou Head Shaping Pillow 

Baby Pillow for Sleeping, Mokeydou Infant Head Shaping Pillow Prevent Flat Head Syndrome, Memory Foam Newborn Round Pillow for 0-2T Baby Girl & Boy with Washable Cotton Pillow Cover (Giraffe)

Mokeydou Head Shaping Pillow includes a contoured shape to cradle your baby’s head in the perfect position. Babies ages zero to 24 months will love this 18-inch long pillow. It’s designed to prevent them from falling out of the indent. Now, they can get neck support and prevent flat head syndrome. 

The pillow comes with premium memory foam with high-quality and environmentally friendly foam. It can save its shape and return to the supportive alignment a baby’s spin needs. To help with breathability, the pillow has tiny holes to draw away moisture and improve airflow. 

A washable cotton cover with tiny little giraffes and other adorable critters covers the pillow. Take it off and wash as needed to keep your baby clean and germ-free. Moreover, the envelope-style pillowcase is made of organic cotton with no odor, and it’s perfect for sensitive skin. 

Do note that the memory foam cannot be washed, just the cover. You can use it in a bassinet, car seat, bouncer, cradle, and even a stroller. 

Use this anti-flat pillow design to provide the optimal spine curve and prevent flat head syndrome. The longer size means babies can even use this as a toddler pillow.

No matter which way your baby lays her head, she will manage to let her growing bones grow without issue. 

Bammax Newborn Pillow

BAMMAX Newborn Pillow, Baby Newborn Pillow Flat Head, Infant Sleeping Pillow, Soft Breathable Memory Foam Baby Head Shaping Pillow Prevent Infant Flat Head Symptom Head Support for Baby 0-12 Months

Use the Bammax Newborn Pillow for babies with flat spots from sleeping on their back. It’s made of soft and breathable memory foam. Plus, its unique center shape helps to keep your infant’s head from losing its natural rounded shape. 

Flat surfaces cause flat shapes, which is why you need a pillow with a little shape to evenly distribute pressure and help create the perfect head shape. Also, the pillow retains its shape and bounces back after use. 

The pillowcase is removable and washable and covers the U-shaped inner pillow without leaving space open for your baby to fall into. Soft memory foam provides a cozy space baby will love. Babies can use the pillow as they grow to lay on their back or side. 

You can use the tiny pillow in the stroller, bassinet, play mat, or anywhere else where you can easily monitor the baby. Take the pillow with you anywhere you go because the tiny size measures 12.4 x 8.3 inches long and is ultra-lightweight. 

Lastly, the pillow is ROHS approved to be harmless for your infant with a cotton cover. The cover is also an ultra-soft waffle design ready to provide superior comfort. 

Hidetex Baby Pillow

Hidetex Baby Pillow – Anti Flathead Baby Pillow for Your Newborn, Prevent Flat Head & Baby Head Shaping Pillow Memory Foam(0-12 Months)(Blue)

The Hidetex Baby Pillow offers not just an adorable shape but also a special hole to prevent your baby’s head from flattening from a lot of time spent laying on their back. As with all the best pillows, this one uses organic cotton fabric. 

Also, the adorable pillow comes in multiple colors, including pink, yellow, and teal, along with two shapes. We, however, love the bear shape because it’s so cute. 

The concave center in the middle isn’t the only unique feature of this pillow. It also comes with a 3D-air mesh and viscoelastic memory foam to give your baby the ultimate luxury. We, adults, love our memory foam pillows, and your baby will, too!

Moreover, the cotton fabric is bonded with a sponge to reinforce durability and cushioning. This also helps to prevent sweating. Don’t worry, the pillow has gone under extensive testing to make sure it’s safe for your baby and molds correctly to their head. 

Use this pillow for babies who naturally like to sleep on their back, right side, or left side. The tiny size also allows you to use it in a cradle, stroller, rocking chair, and in many other places. 

Bliss n’ Baby Head Shaping Pillow

Bliss N Baby Head Shaping Pillow - Baby Pillow for Newborn Prevent Flat Head & Reflux - Perfect Infant Pillow, Cotton, Anti-Sweating & Pillow for Baby 0-12 Months - Gift Set

The Head Shaping Pillow by Bliss n’ Baby helps with flat head syndrome and helps to prevent acid reflux in colicky or sensitive babies. No more flat spots on your baby’s tiny little noggin or a tight neck like from torticollis. 

A pillow designed by pediatricians offers an ergonomic design with the ideal size and positioned indent. This cradles the head and better distributes pressure to prevent flat spots from forming. It can even help existing flat spots to round out while supporting the neck, head, and back alignment. 

With this pillow, you also get maximum safety and temperature control with 100 percent Oeko-Tex 3D air spacer mesh underneath the cover. Toss the pillow and the cover in the washer and the dryer! It won’t lose its shape, including the built-in indent. 

The air mesh helps to prevent moisture by drawing away perspiration, so your baby’s head stays dry even after a couple of hours. It also comes in a bigger size, measuring 12 inches by 8.3 inches. 

Finally, the fabric is 100 percent organic cotton free of toxins or fluorescent agents. It’s hypoallergenic to protect sensitive skin. All this with an adorable gender-neutral forest tale fabric. 

The pillow comes with a free bandana bib, too!

Babymoon Pod Pillow

Babymoon Pod Multipurpose Baby Pillow - Use for Flat Head Baby Pillow, Car Seat and Stroller Toddler Pillow, Tummy Time, & Nursing Support - Perfect (Navy Dot)

The Babymoon Pod is the most prescribed pillow for flat-head in therapy by both moms and professionals. Why? Because it is specially designed to address the positional plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome). 

You can use the pillow for multiple purposes, such as for a supervised nap, changing time, playtime, in the bouncer or swing, in the stroller, or when nursing. It’s made for babies from birth to six months and it measures 10 x 10 x 2.5 inches, making it for the very tiniest heads. 

Next, the pillow has a 100 percent cotton cover with 100 percent polyester filling.  You can even adjust it to meet your baby’s needs with velcro arms that have no hanging parts ready to irritate your baby. 

If you are trying to buy from American companies, you have come to the right place – this pillow is made here in the USA. 

The circular pillow offers a hollow indent perfect for your baby’s little noggin. Pick from five fun colors to suit your decor, too. It’s machine washable and dryable. 

Finally, the tiny pillow is small enough you can attach it to a backpack or toss it in a diaper bag. It even helps with nursing in bed by positioning your baby’s head. 

Babymoov Lovenest Plus Pillow

Babymoov Lovenest Plus Baby Pillow | Pediatrician Designed Infant Head and Neck Support to Prevent Flat Head Syndrome (Patented Design)

The Babymoov Lovenest Plus Pillow provides a graduated indent for a baby’s head. Use this pillow to effectively prevent a flat head on your tiny little love. It includes a patented design to help develop the proper head shape for babies who spend a lot of time on their backs. 

Furthermore, the pillow meets both American and European infant safety standards. 

The front of the pillow offers a cooling fabric to help regulate the spot where the baby’s head lays. It also has an anti-slip fabric on the back to keep the circular pillow in place. This makes it easier to use in a play gym, stroller, bouncer, or swing, but it may be too big for most infant car seats. 

Washing the well-stitched pillow is easy, too, because you can toss it straight in the machine before air drying. Now you can prevent flat head with an intelligently designed pillow made of antibacterial fabric. 

Lastly, the pillow measures 9.45 x 1.57 x 8.86 inches making it small enough to fit in a diaper bag. Remember to watch your baby on any pillow. 

Babebay Pillow

Baby Pillow for Newborn Infant(0-12months),Flat Head Prevention 3D Memory Foam Can Support Head & Neck Pillow,Head Shaping Pillow,Heart Shaped

If you’re looking for a great head-shaping baby pillow that is reasonably priced, consider the Baby Pillow from Babebay. This baby pillow is designed with a 3D concave shape so that your baby’s head weight is alleviated when laying, which helps prevent a flat head. 

The pillow is made of breathable memory foam and at 9.4″ x 9.4″, it is the perfect size for an infant’s head. A really cool feature of this baby pillow is that it can be used when baby is laying on their back or sides. You can also use this in a stroller, car seat, and more! Per the pediatrician’s recommendations, you should replace this pillow every 3 months to ensure your baby is using a firm pillow. 

Head Shaping Pillow

OCCObaby Baby Head Shaping Pillow | Memory Foam| Cotton Cover & Bamboo Pillowcase | Keep Your Baby's Head Round | Prevent Flat Head Syndrome(Plagiocephaly) in Infant | Head and Neck Support

How does a memory foam pillow with a bamboo cover sound? This Head Shaping Pillow offers both and a 100 percent cotton inner cover, too, to protect the foam. 

Speaking of the foam, it’s soft, cozy, hypoallergenic, and ready to provide a breathable place for your baby to lay his head. The foam is made of breathable materials that are safe and free of harsh chemicals. 

Next, the pillow offers ample shoulder room to avoid putting strain on your baby’s neck. The unique half-moon shape cradles the baby and makes it easier to pack, too. It can prevent flat head syndrome with its molded inner shape. 

Finally, the cover is completely washable, but the memory foam is spot-treat only. 

Lagute Lunaby Head Shaping Pillow

The Head Shaping Pillow from Lagute Lunaby provides a shallow pillow with a true indent instead of a cut-out for a baby’s head. An ergonomic design helps to offer neck support and shoulder support while balancing the head support with a little dip in the middle. 

No matter where your baby has a flat spot, this pillow can help. Babies can have flat spots on the left, right, or on the back, and this pillow fixes it all with mild comfort. 

Next, the pillow filling comes from natural plants without chemicals. It’s also natural, odorless, dust-mite proof, and environmentally sustainable. 

Toss the safe and hygienic pillow in the washing machine, but dry it in the sun. Pick from two sizes too for 0 to 6 months or 6 to 12 months. Use it with multiple baby furniture items where you can monitor your baby. 

Boppy Head Support

Boppy Head Support—Noggin Nest | Mint and Gray Elephants | With Pressure Relieving Cutout | For 3- or 5-Point Harness | 0-4 months | For Bouncers, Strollers and Swings

Instead of just offering a pillow, the Boppy Head Support offers a positioner to keep the pillow in place for your tiny one. The pillow makes the perfect addition to a bouncer, high chair, rocker, or swing. 

Next, the unique cut-out design offers a patented cut-out ready to relieve pressure on your baby’s head. Once perfectly cradled, even fussy babies fall asleep in a comfortable cradle. Even if their head does lull to the side, they can get support from the rolled edges, too. 

If you want a pediatrician endorsed pillow, this is the one! It works with a three and five-point harness system. Do remember to remove any existing infant inserts to use this one, which helps to combat flat-head syndrome. 

It’s best to use this head support in a reclined position for younger infants. Moreover, the pillow insert works best for babies from birth to four months old. 

Choose from four different gray patterns and then toss it in the machine when it needs a wash. Consider Boppy for all of your baby pillow needs from nursing to lounging. 

Best Baby Pillow Bed

Nuby Baby Nest


You probably know Nuby for their fantastic baby product, but they also make the Nuby Baby Nest. It’s the perfect nest to lay in when mom or dad are nearby to monitor. Mind you, only use the pillow until your baby can roll over, as they can then roll off the pillow. 

The pillow includes a portable design so you can take it on the go by grabbing the convenient handle. Take it with you to a friend’s house or grandma’s house or even room to room. 

Use this pillow for your baby’s awake time and make sure you watch them since some babies can learn to roll over at just a few weeks old. Otherwise, the pillow offers a comfortable, snug place for your baby to relax when they cannot move. 

Next, the pillow is easy to care for and it’s machine washable. The fabric wipes clean of little messes, and you can toss it in the machine for bigger messes. 

Make sure to only use the pillow on the floor or right next to you on the couch. Do not place the pillow with your baby in it on a high surface in case your baby decides to roll off. While it has a recessed interior to cradle your baby, it’s only safe on the floor or right next to you. 

It’s a great option for moms with twins who want to nurse one baby at a time. You can keep the other baby right next to you in this pillow for a cozy place to wait. 

Last, of all, the pillow comes in multiple fabrics to suit your design choice. 

Best Toddler Pillows

The Dreamtown Pillow is Chiropractor-recommended and made in the US whereas the KeaBabies Pillow is made with Organic Cotton. Both are about the same size.

KeaBabies Pillow with Pillowcase

Toddler Pillow with Pillowcase - 13X18 Soft Organic Cotton Toddler Pillows for Sleeping - Machine Washable - Toddlers, Kids, Child - Perfect for Travel, Toddler Cot, Bed Set (KeaSafari)

The KeaBabies Pillow with Pillowcase is designed for children ages 2-5 years old so this would be a great pillow option once your baby is older. 

The 18″ x 13″ ergonomic pillow is machine washable along with the pillowcase. You can choose from 13 different pillowcase designs to match this pillow with your toddler’s personality. Many parents like this pillow for their toddlers but some find that the pillow becomes dingy after washing it. 

Dreamtown Pillow with Pillowcase

Dreamtown Kids Toddler Pillow with Pillowcase 14x19 White - Chiropractor Recommended. Made in USA. Ideal for Daycare, Baby Cribs, Toddler beds and car Rides.

For children ages 2 and up, the Dreamtown Pillow with Pillowcase offers a 100% hypoallergenic, mold-resistant, and mildew-resistant option for toddlers.

At 19″ x 14″, this is a fairly large pillow compared to baby pillows but the larger size helps keep children’s heads from rolling off the pillow when snoozing. This product is made in the USA if you’re looking to support a small family-owned business.

Baby Pillows Compared

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

Buying Criteria for Baby Pillows


Baby pillows are only safe when babies are fully monitored by adults. Do not use a baby pillow for your baby unless you are in the room. This means you should not use a baby pillow overnight for your infant. 

Baby pillows can increase the risk of SIDS, which is why you should watch your baby when they are using any pillow. As babies cannot control their bodies, the best sleeping arrangement includes the least amount of items in a crib or bassinet. Cribs should be free of blankets, pillows, bumpers, and positioners. 

You can still use baby pillows, but opt to use them outside the crib. Pillows can be used in strollers, bassinets, co-sleepers, cradles, swings, rockers, and even in a car seat, but only when you or another adult is nearby. A flat head is better than a baby who suffocates in their sleep. 


If your baby has a flat head, then you know why a baby pillow is desirable.

Babies lay on their back a lot because it’s the safest position, and this can lead to flat spots on the side of the head or back of their noggin. You can prevent flat head syndrome, or plagiocephaly, with a smart baby pillow. 

The best way to use a pillow is to use it when your baby is awake, or you are awake. Pillows can help with play mat time, tummy time, and so much more to get your baby off their back. Soon your baby will be rolling over, and they will naturally be able to spend less time on their back. 

Moreover, pillows can help babies with colic or acid reflux, along with babies battling congestion. Wedge pillows are a great option to elevate babies gradually and open up their airways for better sleep. Whichever option you choose, make sure to always watch and listen for sounds of distress from your baby. 


Always pick baby pillows with high-quality materials like organic cotton and quality foam.

Memory foam is safe for babies and very comfortable. Also, the filling is safe for babies so long as it is sewed down to prevent it from moving around. 

The best pillows are firm and help to position your baby correctly. Try to also find materials free of dyes and chemicals which and irritate sensitive skin. 

FAQs – Baby Pillows

Will my baby’s head round out on its own without a pillow? 

Most babies’ heads will correct on their own within six weeks of spending less time on their backs.

If your baby has a severe case of flathead, your doctor will be able to help with a special helmet, as some cases are more severe.

Allow your baby tummy time every day to prevent severe flat spot problems or hold them more often!

Is a flat head pillow or regular pillow better for baby?

A flat head pillow is a great starting pillow for baby because of its ergonomic shape and way of helping to prevent flat head.

Flat head pillows also help keep your baby’s head in place while sleeping which could allow them to sleep better and for a longer period of time.

Do flat spots cause mental health issues? 

No. Your baby’s head is still growing for the first few months of his or her life.

The skull can change over time, which means your baby will have time to outgrow flat spots, which are usually a minor issue. Soon your baby will be able to move more and can shift his or her head around instead of keeping it a single spot for several hours. 

However, malformation can cause issues with the alignment of the ears, eyes, or jaw. If your baby has a flat spot, make sure to talk to your doctor at the next well-baby appointment. 

What pillows should I avoid? 

While we adults love soft fluffy pillows, they can cause a suffocation problem for babies. Your baby’s safety is the most important priority, which is why you should never choose an overly soft or plush pillow. Pillows should also have extra stitching if they are not made of foam to keep the inner filling from moving around. 


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