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The 15 Best High Chairs [2022] Reviews by a Real, Experienced Mom

So many high chairs flood the market it’s hard to know which one will serve your needs best. The purpose of a high chair is to give your baby a safe place to be fed. Some chairs do this with more ease and grace than others.

The problem though remains that every family has different needs. Some need a small chair, like the Joovy Nook which is both a compact and portable high chair. Other parents want a chair to last for years like the Graco Table2Table  7-in-1. My personal favorite is the Oribel Cocoon 3-Stage High Chair for the snack tray and because it’s supportive even for newborns.

Best Convertible:
Best Hook-On:
Best Everyday:
Best Luxury:

As each parent is different and has different needs, read below for our top fifteen choices for best high chair.

Best Convertible High Chairs

The Oribel Cocoon 3-Stage High Chair is a chair that will grow with your child until they are about 3 years old or 45 lbs. and leave the toddler seat stage of life; whereas the Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair can be used from infant to actually converting it to a dining chair that a 250 lb. adult can sit in. 

Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High Chair

Graco Blossom 6 in 1 Convertible High Chair, Sapphire

What makes the Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High Chair so special as to earn the number two spot? It’s super functional. As the name indicates, this chair comes with six different functions to convert this into your favorite piece of baby furniture that will grow with your child. The real beauty of this chair is it comes with a booster seat too and a regular high chair that converts to a kids chair, which saves you money and makes this chair work for multiple kids at once.

The Good

The best part of this chair is the weight and base of the chair. The base while quite space taking is strong and sturdy with more metal on the floor in a less precarious situation than other seats. Let’s discuss why this is called a 6 in 1. The chair comes with the main chair seat and a booster.

First, the chair is a regular high chair. Second, a booster. Third, a toddler booster. Fourth, a youth chair. Fifth, it can work with a tray or at a table without a tray. Finally, the set can have two children at once and grow with your family without the need for another purchase. I think the name goes a bit farther than the functions myself. It’s a high chair with a booster. If you really want multi-functional get some duct tape from the 1970s. Just saying.

Beyond the six functions, you can expect the normal features. One is an adjustable footrest up to three positions. Do not underestimate a footrest. Short people, like me, do not like our feet to dangle unsupported as it can cause pins and needles, a terrible sensation. The front has wheels for easy repositioning and locks in the rear lockable casters. Another bonus is a harness that converts from a five-point harness to a three-point harness for older children.  The extra tray insert is machine washable, and the seat pad is machine washable. Finally, mom’s will love the one-hand removable tray and the adjustable seat back insert.

This booster made our list of best booster seats for eating at the table!

The Bad

The chair does not seem to fare well always in transit. As with all products, some boxes end up missing a piece or having a bit of damage. These issues can easily be fixed. As for flaws, this one comes with very few. The base of this high chair is wider than that of the Perego above but this is true of many high chairs now. Also, the harness can be a bit difficult with squirmy babies. Finally, the crotch post is on the tray and not on the seat which makes putting the harness on more difficult.

Oribel Cocoon 3-Stage High Chair

Best Cocoon High Chair 

Oribel Cocoon 3-Stage Adjustable, Easy-Clean High Chair + Baby Recliner (Blue)

The Oribel Cocoon 3-Stage High Chair is similar in style to the Boon chair above but with more functions but not pedestal. The shape looks like a futuristic cocoon for a baby. Like a mini pod mean for babies to lounge in. The shape just looks so inviting. I want to crawl in for a nap in the recline position myself. Other features make this chair outstanding in its class. A lot of thought went into this high chair.

The Good

This chair comes with a whole host of innovative and useful functions. First, the design is beautiful and this is a person who is allergic to modern styles. In a perfect world, the base wouldn’t be white but some concessions have to be made. The shape is also ergonomic for true baby comfort. Although, let’s hope your infant doesn’t sleep like a baby in this seat. Babies wake up too often, let’s hope your infant sleeps like your husband in this chair. As a matter of fact, this chair doesn’t even need to be a high chair, you can use it as a slightly strange bassinet as well. The height adjust as does the recline for multiple uses.

The seamless seat is made of waterproof EVA for quick cleaning – just wipe clean. The tray is completely removable and comes with two different types of trays. One snack or baby mode for handsie little babies determined to toss any bowl in their line of sight. This one attaches to the seat off to the side away from little hands. The chair also comes with a normal tray and tray insert for easy cleaning and washing for older tots. Also, the tray has magnets and stores on the back legs without latches for the fold up mode.

With six height adjustments and 3 recline positions and the ability to fold up, this chair is epic! It can truly grow with your child. The seat pad is waterproof and super easy to wash with a seamless design. Another feature is the five-point harness and three spots for the adjustable harness. The footrest will help toddlers enjoy the seat comfortably but it does not adjust. Finally, pick from several non-nauseating colors. None look like your pretty dishes but hey, we can’t have everything, can we?

The Bad

Unlike some of the other transition chairs, this one will only grow up to three years old or when your child reaches the 45 pound weight limit. While the chair has wheels, moving the chair is rather awkward. Also, while the chair has three recline modes, some consumers complained about returning the chair to the upright modes. That’s it. Not a lot of bad to go with all the good. Thank goodness too since the price is a bit on the high side.

Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair with Tray

Best Wooden High Chair

Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair with Tray. The Perfect Adjustable Baby Highchair Solution for Your Babies and Toddlers or as a Dining Chair. (6 Months up to 250 Lb) (Mahogany Wood - Cream Cushion)

For some parents, the Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair with Tray is the height of fashion and aesthetic appeal. I don’t see it. I’m more Chip and Joanna Gaines than modern but this chair, while on the ugly side at least, in my opinion, is very useful and versatile. You can pick your own wood and cushion colors from six different variations. The reviews for this seat are through the roof!

The Good

The most amazing aspect of this chair is how long it will last. Even adults can use this chair, although, probably not comfortably as the seat doesn’t have room for larger tushies. Let me ask you though, what material is better for the dining room than wood to match the wood table? Although this is beechwood, it is so beautiful and durable. Also, this chair takes up less space than normal high chairs with its unique compact high chair.

Both the backrest and seat cushions are removable and easy to clean. The tray is wood but the tray cover is plastic and transparent. Toss it in the wash for quick cleaning.

Finally, when you are ready to move to a seat instead of a high chair, remove the seat bottom with the cushion and use what was the footrest as the seat bottom. This provides a toddler with a seat that can be scooted up to the table. It also makes a nice kitchen chair for an adult in case you need more chairs for guests. 

The Bad

The seat back does not recline, the back angle is fixed. Use this seat for babies who can sit up on their own unsupported.

Some customers complained the stain came off during a wash. Use a mild detergent for cleaning. The lower seat back may not be comfortable, especially for babies who tend to fall asleep in their chair.

If you have a bar height table, this chair is not going to fit comfortably for baby. Finally, the tray table does not adjust. Heck, even airplane trays adjust! Another issue is, babies can play with the cushion and shove a bunch of food under the seats making more work for you. Score one for babies. Score zero for the designer. Ah well. You do get wood but you are paying a price and losing some fancy functions.

Here is another article about high chairs for small spaces.

Chicco Polly Progress 5-in-1 Highchair

Best High Chair for First Year

Chicco Polly Progress Highchair

Chicco, beloved for fabulous car seats, kept running into issues with highchair except for the Chicco Polly Progress 5-in-1 Highchair. This multi-functional high chair adds function to function starting from birth.

While not quite a cocoon design, the added padding will keep newborns comfy cozy before transitioning to toddlers and finally into children. Even cooler, the high chair works as a stand-alone or turns into a space saver and an extra chair for a child-sized tushie.  A lot of thought and ingenuity went into this high chair. Lastly, like Peg Perego, Chicco baby products originate from Italy, where function and beauty meet.

Let’s start with the five in one status of the seat. Newborns will love lounging in the fully reclined position before transitioning up the recline and adding the tray somewhere around the middle of their first year. When they are ready to join the table take the chair off the legs and place it on a dining room chair. At some point, you will be able to remove the tray and scooch the tot up to the breakfast table. Finally, the normal part of the high chair comes off and the molded back goes on to turn the seat into a stool for children. This last part can be done while the chair serves as a space saver for an added seat around the table. Count’em, that’s five modes for your little one!

The Good

Don’t worry, I promised a lot of functions and this one delivers. First, let’s discuss how little room this high chair takes when folded and standing alone. We’re talking under 12 inches that small enough to squeeze into the closet, well once you remove a dozen pairs of shoes and the cat. Next, the seatback reclines to four different angles for a superior relaxing mode. Think Lazyboy recliner for infants. What a minute, do Lazyboy kids recliners exist? Moving on.

The adjustable height of the seat flexes up or done for a full eight positions. Take this baby up to tall enough for men to feed the baby or all the way down to the floor so the dog can finally get a closer look and everywhere in between. Even the footrest can be moved for your infant’s continuing comfort. Once your infant is ready to learn about solid foods, unfold the fold-away armrest to add the tray. The tray snaps on for easy use and can hang between the back legs for easy storage.

Speaking of the tray, the insert removes for easy washing. Wheel the highchair straight over to the dishwasher to plop the tray in. The back wheels come with brakes to ensure the chair only moves when you want it to move. You can choose from a couple of. Finally, the fabric backing washes up nicely in the machine and you can unzip the back panel for older kids seated at the table. Wow, that is a lot of function out of one seat and all for a nice mid-range price.

The Bad

A few parents complained about the tray and the difficulty to snap the tray in. As with most tray inserts, this one was not designed to withstand clever baby messes. You will simply need to wash both. The high chair back only has two shoulder adjustments for the growth of a baby while the footrest has three changeable positions. This seems odd to me as babies tend to grow up and down.

That’s it, folks. Very little complaint with this chair.

Graco Table2Table Premier Fold 7-in-1 Convertible High Chair

Best Transitioning High Chair

Graco Table2Table Premier Fold 7 in 1 Convertible High Chair | Converts to Dining Booster Seat, Kids Table and More, Landry, 15x19.29x27 Inch (Pack of 1)

The Graco Table2Table Premier Fold 7-in-1 Convertible High Chair is another fancy shmancy table dedicated to making multi-purposing easier for parents. This chair goes a step further than the other chairs and in the right direction no less. What can this chair do for you? Start with an infant recliner high chair before using in an upright position as a traditional high chair.

Move the base off and onto one of your ding room chairs then turn it into a toddler booster. Meanwhile, use the base as a separate toddler chair for yet another stage. Finally, the chair can be separated to become a toddler table and chair set. How’s that for fancy? I love all of these new and innovative changes baby furniture companies have made with children’s furniture. Sure there was nothing wrong with the old fashioned chair but some change is good and this is one of them.

The Good

Like any good high chair, this one comes with a ton of features none that you will not find on another transition chair except for an infant body support insert. Otherwise, the features are a bit of a broken record: three position recline, five adjustable heights, and adjustable footrest. Of course, you can expect easy fold up for storage, tray storage on the front, and a removable and washable tray insert. The harness starts as a five-point for infants and babies then transitions to a three-point harness for older tots.

A few other high chairs convert to a toddler table and chair set but none with the same grace as this high chair. There is something to be said for proper application. This chair can saddle right up to the adult table as both a high chair, a space saver, or as a youth chair. Finally, this chair is easy to wash with a removable cover and a plastic body. What more could you ask for from a high chair?

The Bad

While the chair has wheels, it only has two wheels in the front. Four legs would most definitely roll better with four wheels. Front wheel drive is not a great option for a chair, especially one with a baby in it or food on it. I can picture the food toppling off and on to the floor creating a new mess. No thank you. The only other issue to be found with this lovely high chair is when its folded up for storage it might not stand well on its own. Plan to lay this one down for storage.

Best Luxury High Chairs

Peg Perego Siesta Highchair

Best From Birth High Chair

Peg Perego Siesta Highchair, Arancia

The Peg Perego Siesta Highchair is not just the best high chair to use from birth but the best high-end high chair. This baby will make your baby feel like royalty cruising around the kitchen in high style. With all the bells and whistles, moms and dads will feel like royalty because of the ease and efficiency of the chair.

The style is way more modern than the high chairs from most peoples youth. Say sayonara to the old chair and hello to the new! This chair speaks of the future! Oh and one final detail, this chair is the best options for parents with a counter height table.

The Good

In the past, high chairs were only a seating place for a baby or toddler while mom played helicopter with a spoonful of smushed peas. The chair lied dormant waiting for mother and child at meal times taking up copious amounts of room in an over-cramped kitchen. The Siesta folds up and can even standalone in fold mode when your kitchen is crowded, say like at Thanksgiving.

Equipped with other functions, this high chair will make your life super easy. It adjusts to nine different heights for any sized parent to reach the baby. Most high chairs have such a large footprint they cannot sit at a table easily but this one can. Push a button and the wheels kick into gear and scoot the chair where ever you need it to go. The back wheel bar is lower than the front bar unlike other high chairs allowing this one to take up less space. Also, this chair reclines enough to allow even a newborn to enjoy the seating.

Other wonderful functions include an adjustable footrest, a rubber storage net on the back, an easy to remove tray and a dishwasher safe tray attachment for super easy hand cleaning. Also, the tray can be stored on the lower back legs for storage. Why wasn’t this feature around when my kids were babies? The tray always ended on the dining room table.

Finally, the highchair was made in Italy for tiny little Italian kitchens that smell like basil and mozzarella. If you have ever been to Europe and you know how small their kitchens are, you would appreciate how flexible this chair is in an American kitchen. Also, the chair has a five-point harness to keep your baby locked in with no room for escape.

The Bad

While the tray removes and can fold up, some clever little hands may figure out how to flip the tray sooner than others. There is always a trade-off for function. Another trade-off is one common to most high chairs, the seat is a pain to keep clean as babies are tiny little slobs determined to make us clean 24/7. The high chair may need a little WD 40 to move smoothly. Just pull out your MacGyver kit and all will be well.

This next point is more a pet peeve for all high chairs. They make those top trays to supposedly make less work for us moms but seem to underestimate a child’s ability to make a mess. Lastly, the seat comes with a five-point harness but only two shoulder positions. You may want to get a newborn insert if you plan to use this seat for your infant under five months but it does recline enough for a newborn.

Best Everyday High Chairs

The Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair is difficult to clean with its cloth fabric covering the seat and a tray with 5 compartments; whereas the Primo Cozy Tot High Chair is simple to clean with its plastic chair and flat tray.

Joovy Nook

Best Simple High Chair 

Joovy Nook High Chair, Compact Fold, Swing Open Tray, Charcoal

Why is the Joovy Nook given its name? Because its small footprint can fit anywhere you need it to in your home. This is one of the simplest high chairs on the list and comes with a lower price tag just right for some families.

Simple can sometimes be the best option but mind you, this one is meant for six months (although some babies are precocious enough to sit up on their own sooner) to about three at the most. Most toddlers can transition to a booster easily from there possibly even sooner. Even better, this is the second lightest high chair on the list at just under 15 pounds. Here are the rest of the advantages of this simplistic high chair.

The Good

The tray is not just removable, with a swing open build, but has four adjustable positions to keep your little one safe and snug. The tray insert is dishwasher safe for easy clean-up and the leatherette seat is a breeze to clean as well with either a quick wipe clean by hand or a wash in the machine. Use one hand to fold the chair down with the handle that also makes carrying easy. The feet are non-scratch for use on all floor types. Few other high chairs have made a note that the chair is BPA, BPS, phthalate, and lead-free not to mention free of flame retardants. The harness has 5-points for full safety for a child up to 50 pounds.

My favorite feature of this high chair is no rails for the tray which tend to be cumbersome. Also, the snug fit means less food on your baby’s lap. They will still manage some mess, of course, babies are talented mess makers. The small footprint means you can store this chair in the pantry or closet for cleaning the kitchen floors or any other purposes that arrive. Also, if you travel a lot, this high chair will be easier to take with you if you prefer to skip a travel high chair.

The Bad

The simple design does reduce the functions. The chair does not recline for younger babies. The footrest is not adjustable either. An often heard consumer complaint is the ease of cleaning, which is non-existent. This was the overwhelming main concern. If you are a neat freak, do not pick this high chair. Finally, the seat could be more comfortable and ergonomic for your little one.

See our full review of the Joovy Nook here. 

Primo Cozy Tot High Chair

Best Lightweight High Chair

Primo Cozy Tot Deluxe Convertible Folding High Chair & Toddler Chair - Black, Black/White , 14x18x23.6 Inch (Pack of 1)

You might be a little shocked when you see the price of the Primo Cozy Tot Deluxe Convertible Folding High Chair & Toddler Chair. Yes, the price is cheap, but no other full-sized high chair weighs only eleven pounds. That’s less than your six-month-old weighs!!! The dimensions are smaller than other chairs, too. Teeny tiny footprint.

You do trade some functions, but you still get a whole lot, and sometimes lightweight is worth the extra cost. Do you need to move the high chair around a lot? Or take it with you? Do not underestimate the value of lightweight. Of course, this chair is perfect for some babies and families but for others, they may regret the purchase sooner rather than later. Let’s look at what else you get for the just-under-three-digit price tag.

The Good

What’s easier to clean than a bunch of fabric wrapped around a seat? No fabric wrapped around a seat and no padding. Plain old boring white plastic (or minty green) with very few nooks and crannies takes ease of cleaning to new heights! Simple design meets ergonomic ease with this chair. Add in a snug fit and you have a safe baby despite the lack of a pad. The simple colors will match more decor styles than cutesy fabrics only babies enjoy looking at.

The tray is a display of genius. The tray table pulls out and folds down for easy use and to prevent baby from messing around with her safety features. Fold the tray out for loading in the baby. Fold it up for cleaning or storing.

The tray top has a cover insert that goes down farther than others so your little one cannot shove handfuls of veggie sludge under the tray. A push of the button adjusts the tray closer or farther away from the baby. Another push seals it into place, keeping baby snug and secure. As with most of the best high chairs, the high chair is BPA free and safe for baby to eat off of. Lastly, another button folds the chair up for a lightweight traveling chair.

As a final fun touch, you can adjust this to be a toddler chair when your baby has outgrown the need for a highchair. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but it would work as a chair at a kid’s table. 

The Bad

While this simplistic seat is easy to clean the lack of cushions is not great for comfort. Think about sitting in one of those horrid seats at the DMV or worse, high school seats. Ugh. Maybe they could add a little memory foam cushioning for sensitive baby bottoms. Another issue with this model is the lack of available adjustments. Molded plastic doesn’t have a tendency of adjusting up for growing height. The footrest is rather stationary too.

Because of the molded shape, this chair will only work from six months to three years and only for babies who can sit up unassisted. Larger or chubbier babies will outgrow the chair faster. Last, the lightweight and peg legs mean the chair may not be sturdy for babies who move around a lot.

Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair

Most Affordable High Chair

Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair, Bobble Heads

The price is the best part of the Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair but it does have a few extras so it’s not quite a no extra frills for the lovely price. If you want lots of bells and whistles though, then move up or down in this review to one of the other more festive high chairs. For those budget minded mamas, stay here, this just might be the chair for you. Just because you cannot break the bank for a high chair doesn’t mean you cannot have a decent chair to feed your baby in.

The Good

While simple and affordable, this chair offers a few extras like three reclining positions and three positions one hand operated tray. The height adjusts to six different positions. The tray insert is dishwasher safe. That’s about it. Nope, one more. The tray stores on the back by clicking it into place and it folds up for storage.

Your baby can use this seat up to the 40-pound weight limit. Also, the frame is steel for support and sturdiness. The padding comes off for easy washing. That’s all the bells and whistles, but really what more do you need? High chairs are a place to park a baby bottom for a spoonful of applesauce and a handful of cheerios while you load the dishwasher. Finally, the extras weigh a lot! This high chair comes in at just seventeen pounds! That’s only a little bit more than your baby!

The Bad

This bargain bin high chair has a few flaws mainly because nothing is perfect but you have to pay a whole lot more for fewer flaws. Let’s discuss first what this bargain model doesn’t have. First, no wheels. Most high chairs can double as house strollers. Next, the stationary footrest will not change for taller or shorter babies.

The three-point harness though is a safety nightmare. Definitely only use this high chair for babies who can sit unsupported. Next, the high chair requires a lot of floor space. Hope you have a big kitchen.

Finally, the tray is not just a flat spot for food but it’s divided into five different sections. Some mamas might like this but I’m not a fan. Just more cleaning and I hate cleaning. One more thing, the fabric looks like cutesy fabric from the 1980s. Yuck.

Best Booster High Chairs

The Hiccapop Omniboost Travel Booster Seat with Tray is a great portable booster chair that looks like a camping chair and sits low to the ground or can be attached to a dining chair, making it easy and portable for travel, while the Fisher-Price­ SpaceSaver High Chair attaches directly to a dining table for space saving, however, it is bulkier and not as portable for on-the-go.

Hiccapop Omniboost Travel Booster Seat with Tray

Best Portable High Chair

hiccapop Omniboost Travel Booster Seat with Tray for Baby | Folding Portable High Chair for Eating, Camping, Beach, Lawn, Grandma’s | Tip-Free Design Straps to Kitchen Chairs - Go-Anywhere High Chair

The Hiccapop Omniboost Travel Booster Seat with Tray for Baby is a different type of travel chair, one less suited to a restaurant but more suited to the beach or a campsite.  This chair packs up into a bag to take anywhere you go! Take it to grandmas, the lake, or anywhere else you want a secure place for your baby to eat. Read below for more of the qualities of this seat.

The Good

The seat sits low to the ground to prevent your little one from falling out. The low size helps to keep the seat portable. Even better, the back has a pocket for essentials and there is a shoulder carry bag for storage. Also, the fabric comes off the frame to toss in the wash. The safety harness has three points for keeping your child in the seat at least for a little while. One hand loosens the straps. The tray swivels for easy use and can go in the wash when removed. Of course, the tray is BPA-free and safe for use without dishes.

Another impressive feature parents will love is the chair can be safely secured to a dining chair if they would rather not have their child seated on the floor. The frame is very sturdy with wide feet for added support and the fabric stays on with high rests. The feet come with special covers to help prevent tipping. Finally, do not worry about weight, this chair can support over two hundred pounds! Not that any baby weighs near that much! Such a cute little seat available in three colors.

The Bad

The seat does not recline, so make sure baby sits on their own before using. A few customer complaints. First, the chair does not last near as long as the lifetime warranty suggest. Second, the tray is difficult to put on and remove. Otherwise, the chair is well loved by most owners!

Fisher Price Space Saver

Best Space Saver High Chair

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair, Multicolor, Yellow/Blue/Red

The Fisher Price Space Saver is the best thing since peanut butter. Seriously. Forget another piece of furniture taking up room in your kitchen or dining room. This space saver does exactly what the name states, it saves you space. Put this on one of your already existing seats and voila!

Now, this might not be the best option for you if you host a lot of dinner parties or have a large enough family to fill the table already. Also, not the best choice for moms who like bench seating at your rustic farmhouse table. Besides saving you space, this high chair – or maybe we call this one a low chair – has a few other advantages.

The Good

First, let’s start with an idea that worked for my family. Take an old slightly ugly kitchen towel and place it between this low chair and the dining room chair you attach it to. This will protect your chair from scratches and nasty particles of baby food. The chair reclines to three different positions for baby all the way to toddler and two adjustable height positions. The fabric comes off for super easy washing and allows for easy wash between machine washes. The two sets of straps to attach the seat to the bottom and the back of the chair adjustable and washable.

Use the tray or saddle the chair up to the table and let the baby mess up your table instead of the disposable tray. No, don’t do that. Use a cheap placemat like the Gasare Silicon Placemat if you want to have the baby be at the table. When baby outgrows the high chair function, turn this seat into a toddler seat already attached to your chair! The tray has a loop for toys and is machine washable. Now wouldn’t it be nice if the babies were machine washable? They are so messy! Just kidding. That would be dangerous! Wash babies by hand only. Lastly, the fabric comes in multiple patterns. None of which are too babyish and will blend in with your decor. Oh before I forget, the price is so very very nice.

The Bad

The worst aspect of this low chair is how messy it can get but come on, anything a little one sits in is bound to be filthy. The other aspect is if you have more people over, this will reduce seating. Just grab an office chair or spare chair and bring it into the dining room for the night. Your guests will understand. The last issue you may come across, some babies may be a bit too chunky for this seat. Chubby baby thighs are totally worth a more expensive seat.

Read here for more on space-saving booster chairs and high chairs.

Best Hook-On High Chair

Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Inglesina Fast Table Chair - Award-Winning Convenient Baby High Chair - Use at Most Tables or Restaurants Without Leaving Scratches {Black}

The Inglesina Fast Table Chair is a chair that clamps on to the table for easy feeding on-the-go and tucking your baby into a safe place. I must admit, I never used one of these for my baby. I was always afraid the clamps would loosen and drop my little one, but the extremely high reviews suggest this is not a possibility when properly used for this model. Even better, the setup does not look difficult.

Most restaurants come with high chairs for children who are six months or older and capable of sitting up unsupported. This chair is also for six months to thirty-six months but without all the germs restaurant chairs may have. Not to mention, a much more comfortable seat instead of hard plastic or wood with no cushion. Read below for more details.

The Good

The Inglesina’s Fast Table Chair fits tables up to 3.5″ thick and can be used at home or out. Use the easy twist-tight coupling to secure your child’s seat to the table with ease. Not only is this a portable high chair, but it’s collapsible too and comes with an integrated carrying bag, plus it weighs only 4.2 lbs. Pack it into your truck or stroller to take wherever you need. The fabric is washable and durable and can come off for easy washing. Strong enough to hold up to thirty-seven pounds and work for years through multiple children. Pick from nine different colors. 

Next, the chair includes a storage pocket for easy access to wipes, toys, snacks, or bibs. Like the Peg Perego, this brand hales from Italy and is a well-established brand. You will find this brand fits most tables. For added support, the high chair includes a three-point harness and a security-bar that the harness attaches to for safety. Finally, the tray fits right over the clamp bars and is easy to wash. Although, I would pack wipes in the back pocket because I would not want to take the tray into the bathroom at a restaurant to clean it off.

The Bad

The price is a bit steep but not so steep as to be a deterrent from purchasing. The main flaw is the gap between the security bar and the table. This is another spot for babies throw food. Not to mention, babies have short arms and do not need more ways to prevent baby from reaching the food or making a mess.

While the chair works well for less mobile children, the seat will be easier for older children (aka rascally toddlers) to escape from. As is the nature of the chair, many parents are not used to the clamp and may find it a difficult process compared to other chairs. 

For more hook-on high chair options you can read our Best Hook-On and Clip-On high chair reviews.

Best High Chairs Compared

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

FAQs for High Chairs

Does my newborn need a high chair and what age will my baby need a high chair?

No, your newborn does not need a high chair. Honestly, you could wait until about six months old before purchasing a high chair. The main reason moms want a high chair that accommodates infants is because of a lack of room in the kitchen. Who wants to have a high chair, a playpen, and a booster seat in the kitchen? A high chair belongs in the kitchen if you have one meant for infants you can safely place the baby in the chair near you while you wash dishes or clean up without lugging more furniture into the room and cramping your space.

Is a five-point harness safer than a three-point harness?

Yes, five-point harnesses wrap around a baby’s shoulders and waist preventing escape and injury. By the time a child is able to climb though, a three-point harness is all that is really necessary and just becomes another obstacle for a tenacious child. Babies under a year are much safer with a five-point harness. A crotch post is one of the most important aspects along with the harness. It keeps the baby in the seat while you secure them with the harness. Also, the crotch post prevents the baby from slipping around and keeps them more stable.

Are wheels on a high chair safe?

Wheels are safe on a high chair, even with a baby in the chair. Think about a stroller, they have wheels. But you do need to keep the baby buckled in in the high chair before pushing them around. Also, most high chairs have caster wheels and they are not meant for large or a lot of movement. Moving around the kitchen is one thing, their older sibling pushing them at full speed around the house is another.

Do I need a spill mat to put under my child’s high chair?

Spill mats are not necessary but for sanity’s sake, you may want one to prevent messes. Babies take the art of mess-making very seriously. If you want a clean house a mat will help to keep the mess in one area and then you can take it outside and hose it off or rinse it off in the tub or sink. If you have hard to clean or delicate floors the mat will be doubly wonderful. I personally love the Bumkins Splat Mat.

Check out our best baby food machines to get your baby’s very own food cooking! Maybe they won’t make as big of a mess with freshly made baby chow?

Can I use a vintage or antique high chair?

You can use a vintage or antique high chair but it’s not recommended with today’s safety standards. High chairs from the past were not as regulated, nor were they as monitored for safety. Some did not have safety belts at all and the ones that did were not near easy to use or as safe.

If you do choose to use an older high chair, please make sure to stay in the room and within arm’s reach of your baby.

Finally, please make sure your baby can sit unsupported as most older high chairs did not recline.

Can my baby sleep in their high chair?

It’s not the ideal sleeping place. Babies often do fall asleep in their high chair and you should not concern yourself too much with waking them. But think about sleeping slumped over if the baby is not in a reclined high chair, it’s not very comfortable. If possible move your baby to their playpen or crib. At the very minimum, recline the seat if possible. If the seat does not recline definitely move them to a more comfortable sleeping environment.

When should I get rid of the high chair?

That’s up to you, but you should stop using the high chair when your toddler can crawl out. At that point, move to a booster or child seat. Some kids can climb quite early so use your best judgment. Also, when your child can repeatedly unbuckle the harness unassisted, they are ready for a more grown-up seating option like a booster. The booster is just to help them reach the table as they are short.

Which high chair is the easiest to clean?

The Primo Tot high chair is probably the easiest to clean as it has less inhibiting the cleaning. One fluid piece of plastic is easy to wipe clean. Other high chairs can be more difficult with tons of nooks and crannies. Either way, babies find new and extraordinary ways to make messes. You may want to just resign yourself to the chronic mess. The messes should reduce in about twenty years. Look here for more easy-to-clean high chair options.

How much do high chairs cost?

High chairs can range from $50 all the way up to $600. For the most comfortable range and quality and useful high chair, try to look between $100 and $300.

When can my baby use a restaurant high chair?

Babies can begin to use restaurant high chairs around six months old or when they can sit unassisted. Do not try to put a baby with no neck control in a restaurant high chair. Most restaurants have frames now for placing a car seat to keep your baby in their seat but off the floor and the table.

A few popular high chairs did not meet the requirements for this list, namely less than impressive customer reviews and or quality, or just were not as impressive as the ones listed. Those are:

  • Evenflo 4-in-1
  • 4moms High Chair
  • OXO Sprout
  • Cosco Simple Fold
  • Svan Signet
  • Keekaroo Height Right
  • Stokke Tripp Trapp
  • Ingenuity Trio (for more on the Ingenuity high chair, read our Trio 3-in-1 review.

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