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The 15 Best Baby Headbands of 2022

When my daughter was an infant, she never left the house without a headband on her head. The best baby headbands offer a stylish look for your little one but also a comfortable fit. Even better, they hopefully won’t even know it’s up there. 

Best Baby Headband:
Best Toddler Headband:

Best Baby Headbands

The baby headbands made with nylon, such as the LittleJoJo Headbands, are better compared to the others because they are comfortable, lightweight, and stretch well. For a thicker headband, the Ranipobo headbands are cozy and warm.

LittleJoJo Baby Girl Headbands 

Baby Girl Headbands and Bows, Newborn Infant Toddler Nylon Hairbands Hair Accessories by LittleJoJo

I really like the daintiness of the LittleJojo Baby Girl Headbands. While I always enjoy putting large bows on my daughter, I also appreciate the simple ones. I think she appreciates them as well. 

Firstly, the set comes with 10 different patterns and colors. The bow is securely attached to the band, so you don’t have to worry about it coming loose. The thin pantyhose style nylon stretches to ensure it fits children of all ages comfortably without leaving any red marks.  

In addition, you can choose from honey or honey-brown-colored band. I haven’t seen this option much, so I like that you have a choice for band color. It means you can better match your child’s hair or skin color. While it’s not perfect, I like that there is an option. 

Secondly, the headbands are made from quality materials and are hand-sewn to ensure a perfect bow every time. They are a great option for newborn photoshoots! 

Finally, it’s important to hand wash the headbands so you can ensure you don’t damage them. Luckily, you don’t need to wash headbands very often.

Prohouse Nylon Headbands 

16PCS Baby Nylon Headbands Hairbands Hair Bow Elastics for Baby Girls Newborn Infant Toddlers Kids

The Prohouse Nylon Headbands are the perfect accessory for your little fashionista. Prohouse was started by a mom of two daughters who had a passion for creating quality bows for babies. 

Firstly, you get 16 headbands with the set. Do you need 16? Yes, the more headbands, the better, is what I always say. They are made of soft nylon material and can stretch to fit children of all ages. It can even stretch to fit some adults if you were interested in matching your little one. 

Secondly, the headbands don’t leave red marks on your baby’s head, unlike others on the market. The fabric really is soft and stretchy, providing a comfortable fit for your child. 

As a note, the bow is just tied to the headband and can come undone. You can easily tie it back, but it would be nice if the bow were stitched on it. 

Finally, since these headbands are so carefully made, they do need to be hand washed. 

Oaoleer Baby Girl Floral Headbands

Baby Girl Flower Headbands Set, 4PCS Nylon Floral Hairbands Elastic Hair Band for Newborn Infant Toddler Hair Accessories by Oaoleer

There’s nothing quite like a fancy headband. While they verge on baby fascinators, the Oaoleer Baby Girl Floral Headbands are delightfully gorgeous. I would even want one for myself so I could match my daughter. 

Firstly, each headband is decorated with beautiful flowers, the perfect accessory for a birthday or tea party. Really, any day of the week will work for my child. Each set comes with 4 floral headbands and 5 plain nylon headbands. They even come in a gift box, which makes for handy storage. 

Secondly, the headbands have an elastic nylon band that is soft and gentle on your child’s head. There is a back base on the flowers to ensure nothing irritates your child’s skin. They are made for newborns to little girls. The band can stretch up to 12 inches in circumference, allowing room to grow. 

Finally, I find these to be very well made. While they are a tad pricier than others on my list, they really are beautiful and worth the price. 

Parker Braided Headbands 

Parker Baby Girl Braided Headbands, Assorted 10 Pack of Hair Accessories for Girls -

If big bows aren’t your thing, consider the Parker Braided Headbands. You get 10 beautiful colorful headbands with your set, 5 are solid colors and 5 are patterned. 

Firstly, the headbands are made from soft jersey cotton making them soft and flexible on your baby’s head. The headbands are designed for 0-24 months. You will have to hand stretch the headband as your child grows. Each headband is made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex. 

In addition, the band is soft enough so it doesn’t leave any marks on your child’s head. There is nothing worse than having your child wear a headband all day, only to discover an awful mark left behind. 

Secondly, while I love a good, big bow, I do enjoy the simplicity of these headbands. They have a sweet innocence to them that I really like. I do find them to be especially useful in keeping hair out of the face. However, even infants will no hair can easily rock them as well. 

Finally, you have a choice from their marigold or wildflower-themed color selection. You really can’t go wrong with either one. 

Prohouse Big Bow Headbands 

30 PCS Big Bows Baby Nylon Headbands Hairbands Hair Bows Elastics for Baby Girls Newborn Infant Toddler Child Hair Accessories

Prohouse knows how to make quality headbands. There is no shortage of selection for the Prohouse Big Bow Headbands. 30 different ones, to be exact. 

Firstly, you could easily have your little girl wear a different headband each day of the month. There is no repeat of color, allowing you to easily match any outfit your child wears. The bow on the headband is bigger than some of the others on my list, but what can I say, I like big bows and I cannot lie. 

Secondly, the nude nylon band is soft and stretchy and won’t leave any pesky red marks on your baby’s head. The headbands come in a one-size-fits-all and will stretch to fit infants to toddlers. 

Finally, you can’t really beat the price on the set. They average just under $0.60 per headband. That’s quite the deal for these high-quality headbands. 

WillingTee Headbands 

WillingTee Baby Girls Headbands 30 Colors Big 6 Inch Boutique Grosgrain Ribbon Hair Bows Big Baby Girls Bows Headbands for Baby Girls Infants Toddler Kids Teens and Children

Mamas who love huge bows can rejoice over these. The WillingTee headbands have a 6″ bow on top, making it quite easy to spot your little one in a crowd. 

Firstly, you get 30 headbands in the set. Thirty! They come in various shades of all different colors including pinks, blues, purples, greens, you get the picture. The large bow is attached to a smaller band, only measuring 0.7 inches in width. 

Secondly, the headband fits head circumferences between 32-52 cm. The bands are elastic so you can easily stretch them to fit better. The headbands fit comfortably on your little one’s head and don’t leave an irritating red mark.

Finally, the price truly can’t be beaten on the WillingTee headbands. You’re paying roughly $0.50 per headband. Quite the steal for these quality big bows! 

Turban Knotted Headbands

If you are looking for a colorful, Bohemian feel, look no further than the Turban Knotted Headbands. I just love the color these bring. They definitely set themselves apart from the others on the list. 

Firstly, each headband is made from elastic cloth fabric, ensuring a comfortable fit for your little one. The soft fabric will not leave that dreaded red mark on your baby’s head. In addition, the headbands are 1.5 inches in width. 

Secondly, these vibrant headbands can be worn from infancy to about 3 years old. Keep in mind, since head sizes differ that may not be exact for your child. The great part is, the headband can be re-tied as your child grows or if it comes a bit too big for your daughter. 

Finally, just be watchful with any small infants if they are wearing the headband. Since it’s a bit thicker than some on my list, you want to make sure they don’t pull it down and cover their eyes and nose/mouth area. 

Chiffon Flower Headbands

Baby Girl Newborn Girls Headbands - 18 Piece Shabby Chiffon Flower Headband Set Blue

The Chiffon Flower Headbands are just too sweet with the rosette accent on top. This was one of the first sets I bought for my daughter. 

Firstly, the set of 18 comes with an array of different colors, including lavender, tangerine, teal, coral, hot pink, and royal blue. The rosette on each headband is small, for a nice subtle touch. Each flower is 1.8″ in diameter. 

Secondly, the headbands are made to fit newborns, but with enough stretch, you can get some extra use out of them. Stretching it won’t make the headband lose any elasticity. Unfortunately, once they start leaving red marks on your baby’s head, it’s time to move on to a different size headband. 

Finally, the flowers are sewn on, so you don’t have to worry about your little one pulling them off of the headband. This has been a problem with others on the list, where the bow is just tied on and little fingers have a way of pulling it off. 

inSowni Donut Ball Headbands

inSowni Newest Super Stretchy Nylon Bow Ball Turban Headbands Hairbands Headwraps for Baby Girls Toddlers Infants Newborns (10PCS S1)

The inSowni Donut Ball Headbands are almost like a baby’s version of a top knot and I just find them to be adorable. 

Firstly, the set comes in 10 solid colors including purple, burgundy, peacock blue, pink, and teal. The nylon headbands provide a soft, comfortable fit for your baby. The stretchy material doesn’t squeeze your baby’s head and won’t leave any of those awful red marks. 

Secondly, the ball is sewn and glued on, so unless you have a baby Hulk on your hands, they likely won’t be able to pull that part off. In addition, the fabric is very similar to a pantyhose material, so keep in mind they are not cotton. However, I do like how the headbands provide a different look than the majority of headbands on the market. 

Finally, the “donut” on top is a bit big and might make the headband slip off smaller babies. You likely will get the best use out of the headbands once your baby turns 6 months old. 

Handmade Warm Headbands

If you’re looking for something a little different, take a look at the Handmade Warm Headbands.

Firstly, the headbands are made from 100% woolen yarn material, which will leave no marks on your baby’s head. A cute, sewn-on button accents the headband in the middle. The headbands are one-size-fits-all. Due to their elasticity, they can fit little ones 2 months, all the way up to 6 years of age. 

In addition, each headband measures just over 3 inches in width and is 7 inches long when laid flat. Make sure not to throw them in the wash or dryer, or they may shrink. 

Secondly, I feel like these are a great option for the cooler days. They are thicker than a typical headband and you could easily pull it down over their ears to keep them warm. While you probably wouldn’t use them in a blizzard, they are perfect for a crisp, fall night. 

Finally, you can either choose from a 4 or 6 pack. The 4 pack includes black, grey, green, and pink. With the 6 pack, you’ll get those same colors plus red and white. 

Fancy Clouds Headbands

Baby Girl Headbands Fabric Linen Bows Flowers,10 Pack Hair Accessories for Newborn Infant Toddler Gift by FANCY CLOUDS

To wrap up my list are the Fancy Clouds headbands. I’m partial to these because of the colors. My daughter’s nursery was full of pink and gold. 

Firstly, the set comes with 10 different patterns, styles, and colors. The three main colors throughout are gold, pink, and ivory. The headbands are made with high-quality nylon fabric to ensure complete comfort for your little one. You can stretch them to fit your infant, all the way up to toddlers. 

As a note, first, try the headband on before hand-stretching it. The nylon band will easily stretch when needed to. 

Secondly, while I’d be partial to buying these for my own daughter, they also make a great gift. Each set of headbands come in a gift box, making it easy to wrap up and give at a baby shower. I love how elegant and chic these are. Yes, babies can be both those things. 

In addition, I find them perfect for a newborn photoshoot. They aren’t huge bows and the daintiness makes them perfect for a little one right home from the hospital. 

Finally, the bows on top are handmade and hand-sewn on, ensuring only the highest quality headbands make it to you. Due to this, make sure to only hand wash the headbands. 

Best Toddler Headbands

The Touched by Nature headbands are made with Organic Cotton compared to Hudson Set and Hudson Headbands. The Mookiraerheadbands are the most comfortable because they are made of nylon. 

Hudson Baby Cotton and Synthetic Headbands

Hudson Baby Unisex Cotton and Synthetic Headbands, Feathers, 0-24 Months

The Hudson Baby Cotton and Synthetic Headbands are comfortable enough for everyday use.

Firstly, the stretchy fabric is soft and gentle on your baby’s skin. Each headband is made from 92% cotton and 8% spandex. The headbands are ideal for babies about 3-9 months old, although it really does depend on a baby’s head size. They likely will be a bit big for newborns and since they aren’t as stretchy as others on my list, your little one will outgrow it quicker. 

In addition, you can throw the headbands right into the washing machine for easy cleaning. This always gets major bonus points from me. 

Secondly, I find the knot to be really cute. It offers a different look than the typical bow and looks adorable on. The tie cannot come undone, which I prefer anyway. 

Finally, I’m a fan of the Hudson Baby line. I feel like they produce high-quality products time and time again. 

Mookiraer Nylon Headbands 

Baby Girl Nylon Headbands Christmas Gifts Newborn Infant Toddler Hairbands and Bows Child Hair Accessories

The Mookiraer Nylon Headbands are the perfect shower gift or gift to your own little one. 

Firstly, they are made from soft nylon, making them very stretchy to fit your baby’s head. The stretchiness allows the headband to grow with your child, so you can maximize its use. The headbands are comfortable and, thankfully, don’t leave any marks on your little one’s head. 

Secondly, you get 7 beautiful colors. I like the softness of the colors. They aren’t super flashy but look adorable on. If your daughter has long hair, it’s a great way to keep it out of her face. 

Finally, for those who aren’t a fan of huge bows, this is a happy medium. Not too big, not too small. Since it is a larger band, just make sure little ones don’t pull it down over their nose or mouth. 

My only complaint about the headbands is they can come untied easily and it’s difficult to get it back to exactly how it came. If you’re crafty, I recommend making a little stitch to prevent the bow from coming off. 

Hudson Headband and Scratch Mitten Set

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Headband and Scratch Mitten Set, Pink Floral, 0-6 Months

Pack this one in your hospital bag, mamas. The Hudson Headband and Scratch Mitten Set are perfect for newborn little girls. 

Firstly, the set comes with three different headbands and matching mittens. Newborns have quite the little claws on them, and the mittens are the perfect solution, so they don’t tear up their sweet little face. Nothing is scarier than clipping an infant’s nails, so you will appreciate the mittens. Trust me. On that note, we have you covered on the best baby nail files to prevent any clipped fingers. 

While your baby won’t need the mittens after a few months, the headband can expand to fit them up until about 24 months. In addition, the mittens are 100% cotton, while the headbands are 93% cotton and 7% spandex. Both are machine washable, making it easy to keep them clean for your little one. 

Secondly, the mittens just slip onto your baby’s hand. The elastic isn’t super strong on them, but you wouldn’t want something too tight around your baby’s wrist. 

Finally, there are several different prints to choose from, including holiday-themed ones! Perfect for those December babies. 

Touched by Nature Organic Cotton Headbands

The Touched by Nature Organic Cotton Headbands are made with high-quality products, ensuring only the best for the babies who wear them. 

Firstly, the headbands are made with premium organic cotton spandex, ensuring a super soft feel on your baby’s head. The fibers in the headbands are natural and breathable, and won’t make your little one uncomfortable. 

In addition, there are a variety of colors and prints to choose from including pinks, blues, floral, hearts, striped, and more. You will have no problem finding a headband to match every outfit. The set comes with 5 solid colored and patterned headbands.

Secondly, if you are unfamiliar with the brand, Touched by Nature makes all their products with organic fabric that is free of any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. You can rest easy knowing you are using a quality product. 

Finally, the headbands best fit little ones that are 3-9 months but can vary based on head size. The headbands are about 1.5″ wide. 

Baby Headbands Compared

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

How We Selected the Best Baby Headbands 

Soft Material

Babies have sensitive skin and there is no reason to put something on it that will cause irritation. The best baby headbands are usually made from cotton or elastic. In addition, nylon is popular for the band. It’s just like pantyhose fabric. 

I’ve put headbands on my daughter that leave red marks within minutes. So, I appreciate the ones that are comfortable for her to wear and almost make her forget she has one on her head. You can always test it on yourself. If it feels uncomfortable or abrasive, it’s not going to feel good on them either. 

Elastic Bands 

I prefer when something I buy for my kids, it lasts over time. Regardless of how much I paid for it, I enjoy being able to use something for a while. The best baby headbands have elastic bands to stretch with your growing baby. Some of them you can even just stretch by hand to make them roomier. I remember stretching one of my daughter’s headbands over my steering wheel to help make it bigger. 

Style & Design

While the materials that go into making the best baby headbands are a huge factor, so is the way they look. There really are options for everyone on the list. From big bows to small bows to no bows, your daughter will look adorable in whichever one you choose. Let’s be honest, our babies are beautiful, regardless. 

My daughter was one of those who took a while to grow her hair in, so I loved adding a headband for a pop of color on her head. While it’s no secret I love big bows, I also love the simplicity of the headbands that have a simple bow or flower on top. 

FAQs – Baby Headbands

Is it safe for babies to wear headbands?

As long as the headbands fit properly, it is completely safe for babies to wear them. However, make sure your child doesn’t go to sleep with one on. Even while they are awake, you want to make sure the bow doesn’t cover their nose or mouth. The thin bands can also pose a suffocation risk if it makes its way around your child’s neck. While it’s not likely, you certainly don’t want to take the chance. 

Can newborns wear headbands?

Yes! Just make sure you pick out a headband that can fit newborns, otherwise, you’ll end up like me. When my daughter was born, I came prepared with headbands at the hospital and they were huge on her. Like, falling off her head huge. 

However, headbands are perfect for newborn baby photoshoots. Whether you go big or small, the best baby headbands add some personal style to the photos. 

In addition, as mentioned before, never let your baby go to sleep with a headband on. While not common, there’s always the chance it gets wrapped around their neck. 

What’s the best fabric for baby headbands?

The best baby headbands are either made with cotton or elastic nylon to provide a comfortable fit. Avoid anything too tight that will end up leaving red marks on your baby’s head. Usually, headbands are mostly cotton with some spandex for stretch. Nylon is a popular option for the band because it easily stretches so your child can grow with it. 

Headbands are a great way to keep your baby’s hair out of their face. If they keep pulling it off, consider one of the best hair ties for babies

Can I make baby headbands?

I love a good DIY project. Making your own baby headbands is easier than you may think. Pick up some nylon bands and ribbon at a local craft store and start creating your personal design. You can even find some fabric flowers to glue or sew on top. If you choose to use a glue gun to attach, just make sure the glue doesn’t seep through too much, which can irritate your baby’s head. 

I’m not much of a seamstress, so I do appreciate any no-sew options. However, you can easily stitch the bow or flower on with a little bit of thread. As far as length, an average size headband will be about 13 inches long. As a reminder, if you get a nylon fabric band, it can easily stretch to fit your little one’s head. The best way to know an exact size is to measure the circumference of your baby’s head. 

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