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The Best Diaper Caddies of 2022

Having a stocked diaper caddy around the house will certainly help you be much more prepared for any diaper emergency that inevitably every mommy will face with their little ones. You’ll feel ahead of things once back home with your little one. Below we put together a list of the ten best diaper caddies, including my favorite — the Lil Dandelion Baby Diaper Caddy.

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Best Diaper Caddy Organizer:
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Best Diaper Caddies

The least expensive diaper caddy out of this list is the Early Hugs diaper caddy. For a hanging diaper caddy, the hiccapop diaper caddy can be hung from multiple places. The best looking diaper caddy goes to the Luxury Little Baby caddy. 

Lil Dandelion Baby Diaper Caddy

Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer - Baby Basket For Boys Girls | Large Portable Travel Car Organizer | Nursery Storage Bin for Changing Table | Newborn Registry (Blue)

The Lil Dandelion Baby Diaper Caddy is honestly hard to beat. 

It offers durability, portability, and flexible storage for better organization. You won’t run out of choices as it comes in so many different color options including grey, blue, chocolate, yellow, and pink. You can choose felt handles or faux leather handles. This diaper caddy is also very reasonably priced.

Looks Great

The look is very sophisticated while being quite flexible and extremely durable. While it will likely feel as though your sweet baby is taking over your entire life and home, you won’t mind having this cute baby diaper organizer sitting out in the living room. It is extremely practical, but it is not an eyesore or overly bulky. It is actually quite adorable.

As I mentioned above, the Lil Dandelion caddy offers multiple storage pockets to keep you completely organized. In fact, you can go ahead and order it. This way you can have it on hand and completely stocked and ready to go well before your due date.

Easy to Carry

The extended handles and lightweight feel make it much easier to carry. The price point is also hard to beat. In fact, it is so reasonable you could purchase several, and then find yourself fully prepared in multiple spaces in your home, and even your vehicle. Almost every mom, in a pinch, will need to change their baby in their car or van. Having a stocked diaper caddy as a backup to your diaper bag may just save the day during a diaper emergency while away from home.


This diaper changing caddy is so cute and versatile that you might just get some use out of it for yourself after your baby is out of diapers. It would make a super stylish storage bag for almost anything. You could use it in a guest bathroom for hand towels and lotions. It could be used as storage in your personal closet or it could help you keep things organized on a fun road trip with snacks, sunscreen, and a beach towel.

If you decide to let your baby continue to use it, you could also store your little one’s books next to the rocker for bedtime stories or as a small laundry bag next to the changing table. My guess is that this caddy could be used for many years in your home.

Luxury Little Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer

Luxury Little Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer - Rope Nursery Storage Bin for Boys and Girls - Large Tote Bag & Car Organizer with Removable Inserts - Baby Basket - Newborn Registry Must Haves

We all want a diaper caddy that looks like it was designed by Joanna Gaines herself. The Luxury Little Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer is that item. It has the perfect balance of vintage charm and modern utility in a unisex design that is so on-trend right now! 

The soft rope basket has three removable dividers to organize your things in a way that works for you. Once you take them out, you have a big, soft basket that is perfect for growing with your child and holding toys or books or stuffies. The long handles make carrying easier if you take it on the go. The big size is just right for having diapers, wipes, creams, a burp rag, and maybe a few toys or a blanket at your fingertips.

If you want to give the ultimate baby shower gift, stuff this with a few goodies and it’ll be your hands-down favorite present. 

Parker Baby Co. Diaper Caddy

Parker Baby Diaper Caddy - Nursery Storage Bin and Car Organizer for Diapers and Baby Wipes - Grey

I think that the biggest consideration for a diaper caddy is portability.  The main reason to purchase a diaper caddy is to easily have access to all necessary items needed when changing your baby. The Parker Baby Diaper Caddy is lightweight and easily portable. It is also made of nice, soft felt fabric. It will meet your needs as you move throughout your home and care for your little one.

The Parker Baby Diaper Caddy is firm and spacious while being lightweight. It is offered in two sizes: regular and large. As you move from room to room in your home, you can easily bring all of baby’s necessities along without lugging something overly bulky. You may also really like the removable inserts. They serve as space separators for better organization but they can be easily be taken out when you need a large open caddy. It is great for holding plenty of diapers and the entire wipe container.

Because of the removable inserts, this caddy could organize something instead of diapers. It could easily organize your breast pump and all the needed separate parts so that you could easily change locations in your home to find a comfortable place to pump.

hiccapop Nursery Organizer and Hanging Diaper Caddy

hiccapop Hanging Diaper Organizer for Changing Table and Crib, Diaper Stacker and Crib Organizer | Hanging Diaper Caddy Organizer for Baby Essentials | Nursery Organizer for Cribs

I love the hiccapop Nursery Organizer and Baby Diaper Caddy because it hangs conveniently on the side of the changing table or crib. There are six shelves and two pockets to help you arrange up to seventy-two diapers in addition to the other necessary baby items like wipes, lotions, and even extra clothes for your little one.

Fill this up with the best diapers for baby.

The straps are reinforced, well-made, and sturdy so you do not have to worry about the caddy falling off or being overly flimsy.  This is a great option for you would like a caddy that will stay in the nursery and keep all your baby supplies off the floor.

Munchkin Diaper Duty Organizer

Munchkin Diaper Change Organizer

If you want to stay organized, the Munchkin Diaper Duty Organizer is a great diaper caddy option for your nursery. It can sit on the top of a shelf or dresser. It holds a diaper warmer, wipes, diapers, ointments, and other necessary baby items.

This caddy even comes with twelve diapers with your purchase. The two side containers are removable. This is a great option for the mom who wants everything in one place with each item in a specific section of the caddy.

Early Hugs Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer

Early Hugs Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer, Nursery Storage, Baby Gift Basket, Gray & Yellow Flowers

If you would like a diaper caddy that could be used for other storage purposes, you may like the Early Hugs Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer.

This caddy is made from easy-to-clean and durable polyester. It has a big size and lots of organization options for diapers or whatever else you choose. There are 8 pockets around the outside for pacifiers or bottles or toys, plus two removable dividers on the interior.

It could be used while traveling and for storage for bath toys or nursery items. When you no longer need a diaper caddy, it could easily be used to store spa-type items for guests or to keep items in the car organized. This option is lightweight (just over a pound) and is more sturdy than some other options due to the double stitching on the handles and seams.

Munchkin Portable Diaper Caddy

Munchkin Portable Diaper Caddy Organizer, Grey

Maybe you like the function of a tabletop diaper caddy and the style of a bigger diaper caddy. Or, maybe you just want something a little smaller to carry around. Either way, the Munchkin Portable Diaper Caddy Organizer is the way to go. 

This caddy has two large compartments on the top, one for diapers and one for wipes. There are also three expanding pockets on the sides that will hold all your creams and other little things so they aren’t always falling down in big compartments and getting lost. The little details like a reinforced handle and an included changing pad (perfect for keeping in the car!) make this little caddy a big hit. 

Ubbi Portable Diaper Storage Caddy

Ubbi Portable Diaper Changing Station Diaper Storage Caddy Organizer with Bonus Changing Mat. Stores Baby Diapers, Wipes + Baby Accessories - Gray

This Ubbi Diaper Caddy version offers two large open compartments to hold all the things you to keep around the house for your little one. This modern diaper caddy is compatible with the Ubbi wipes container and even has a peek-a-boo window to see how low on wipes you are.

The best part of this caddy is the little drawer. It’s perfect for creams, nail clippers, and all the other tiny baby trinkets that you don’t want to dig for. 

This plastic and rubber changing station caddy is easy to clean, which is a handy feature in this type of thing! The rubber feet and handle make it easier to move. And don’t forget the portable rubber changing mat, which is easy to clean as well. 

Bebe Bask Baby Diaper Caddy

Bebe Bask Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer in Organic Seagrass w Removable Divider. This Luxury Diaper Caddy Basket Makes The Perfect Cute Diaper Caddy for Baby Girl & Diaper Caddy for Baby Boy

If you prefer a more traditional look for your diaper caddy, you may like the Bebe Bask Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer. It is made of organic seagrass in a tight weave as a modern basket.

This super cute baby diaper organizer, designed by a fellow mom, comes with a cotton insert that is offered with three sections that vary in size. I could easily see this caddy as something used for each baby as your family continues to grow. It could easily last to be something handed down to friends or other family members.

This diaper caddy may not be the best option if you are looking for something more lightweight, but the long handles do collapse to lie along the side to make the caddy a bit less bulky. It is certainly stylish enough to be the diaper changing caddy for your main living space.

The Best Diaper Caddies Compared

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

Buying Considerations

As with all baby products, there are a few things you might want to consider before selecting your diaper changing caddy.

When you are preparing for a new baby, it is so easy to become completely bombarded with the incredible amount of varying baby gadgets on the market today. Some fellow mom friends, who are trying to be helpful by making suggestions, may offer varying or conflicting opinions. The list could be endless and the options extremely daunting.

If you are similar to me, it is easy to get very overwhelmed with all the decisions you need to make as you prepare to become a mom.

As you sort through all the advertisements and pressures to buy everything on the market made for babies, let’s consider what you actually need to buy to be completely ready for your new bundle of joy.


When you have a sweet little newborn, it will feel like you won’t need a lot of space to store diapers and wipes. Then, by the time they are 1 year old, they are bigger and so are their diapers! Plus, it is handy to have toys or books in the diaper caddy to distract your toddler while you change them.

So while a tiny caddy might be tempting, make sure it’s big enough to handle your diapering demands as baby grows. Also, remember that a bigger diaper caddy can be of more use when baby grows older. You can use it as a toy organizer, a car storage center, and more. 


Because you will likely use the diaper carrier around the house, it is helpful to have something that is easy to carry. You don’t want to lug a caddy that is extremely heavy and bulky up and down the stairs. Something lightweight is ideal. It is also helpful for the caddy to be durable. It is no fun to have the strap break as you are carrying the caddy and baby across the room for the next diaper change.


Most of us are on a budget and a baby’s needs can be quite costly, so it is also important to consider pricing when selecting your perfect diaper caddy. While diapers are clearly the most important part of the caddy, storage space for more than just diapers is also very necessary. You will need space for diaper rash cream, a container of wipes, burp cloths, toys/rattles to distract your baby, and possibly some of your personal items like chapstick, lotion, or a water bottle.

FAQs – Diaper Caddy 

What is a diaper caddy?

A diaper caddy is a tote, basket, or another storage container that can hold all your diapering supplies- diapers, wipes, creams, lotions, and whatever else you may need. All of these are organized into different compartments or sections for easy access.

Many diaper caddies are designed with travel in mind. Whether you want it to go from room to room or further, handles and sturdy bottoms will keep your things safe as you go. And you’ll be thankful that you can bring the diapers to baby, not the other way around, especially when you have a mess on your hands!

Do I even need a diaper caddy?

When you find yourself completely exhausted as a new mommy, you do not want to search all over the house for diapers and rash cream in the middle of the night. You likely will want to be as prepared and organized as possible to reduce the stress of caring for your precious little one.

To make your life a bit easier and more organized, I would suggest including a diaper organizer caddy on your baby registry or on your list of things to buy before you deliver. Along with the other new changes you are making in your home, you may already have a changing table in the nursery with storage for diapers, creams, and wipes, but at some point, you will likely change your baby’s diaper in almost every room of your house. It is inevitable!

What is the best kind of diaper caddy to use?

The type of caddy you need depends on where you are using it.

If you change diapers in one spot every time, then get a tabletop diaper caddy. It sits on the dresser or changing table and keeps all your diaper supplies in one spot. It’s not meant to move around. Oftentimes, there is enough space to hold a big wipes container or wipes warmer.

If you don’t have storage space near your changing table or if you use a dresser, playard, or crib/changing table combo as a changing table, you could use a hanging diaper organizer. These attach easily to the side of the crib or playard. Some can even be hung from a closet door. They hold more diapers because they have more vertical space to stack them.

If you change diapers anywhere and everywhere, then you’ll want a traditional or portable diaper caddy. These have ample space and long handles for taking your stuff on the go. These traditional diaper caddies have the added benefit of being usable long after the diapering days are done. 

What’s the best way to organize diapers?

A hanging, tabletop, or portable diaper caddy is the best way to organize diapers. You can diapers them stacked neatly inside so that you can grab each one as you need it. This works especially well if you are diapering two babies at once. You can keep each size separated so that you don’t get them mixed up in a rush.

If you want a more permanent option, you can always mount a cute shelf or basket above the changing table. Keeping diapers stacked within arm’s reach will keep you from having to bend down and grab diapers from under the table at every diaper change. You’ll still want a caddy for changing diapers on a different floor or when you are out and about, though. 

You can have boxes or bins in the closet, under the crib, or in another hidden location to refill each caddy as needed. Just keep these boxes labeled so that you know what size you have! Keep the smaller sizes on top so they are easier to access and keep any larger sizes for the future toward the back or bottom of the pile.

Extra Tip

Often times I find myself celebrating with a dear friend who is expecting a new little one and planning a baby shower.  I want to give a thoughtful gift that is cute, but also very practical. I want it to be something that isn’t overly pricey, and won’t just take up space but will actually meet the pressing needs of this new mom. A stocked diaper caddy with appropriately-sized diapers, creams, and wipes is a welcomed baby shower gift for any new or experienced mommy!

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