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Pampers vs Huggies Sensitive Wipes – A Mom’s Review

Baby wipes are a staple, but which one is good enough for your little one?

Whether you are a parent or not, you would have used a baby wipe at least once in your life. Once you do become a parent, these babies (pun intended) become your best friend. And one always selects their best friend carefully which is why Huggies Natural Care and  Pampers Sensitive are at the top of the list. But if I had to choose between the two, Pampers Sensitive would always come first. It has my vote since it’s soft, moist and helps give the baby a clean, soothing feel.

Image of Baby Wipes, Pampers Sensitive Unscented Water Based Baby Diaper Wipes, 7X Refill Packs, 448 Count

You, the baby and wipes – the perfect trifecta

Your baby’s first year will be swallowed up in baby wipes. You can never have enough. Some people prefer using water as opposed to wipes. It has mostly got to do with stripping the hydrants from your skin, but if you choose the right kind of wipes you have nothing to worry about. Studies have shown that the right kind of wipes will not have any adverse effects with regards to hydration.

I have to admit, I’ve been using wipes literally everywhere, and I mean everywhere! On myself, my daughter’s face, hands, feet; from wiping the car seat to wiping the changing station. I really cannot get enough of these! They make clean up so easy and convenient.

You will need anywhere from 1600 – 2800 diapers in the first year (better make sure you pick the top baby diapers). So for wipes, I simply multiply it by 3. I would recommend stocking up on wipes (and diapers!). I’ve switched back and forth between Huggies Natural and Pampers Sensitive many times while stocking up.

Image of the Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes, Sensitive, Unscented, 3 Refill Packs, 648 Count Total.

Both Huggies and Pampers have a ton of coupons to help you save money as well as make use of their rewards program to get gifts, discounts and much more. With the cost and texture, my preference has been with Pampers Sensitive primarily even though I keep a few Huggies Natural wipes tucked in different diaper bags.

Image of the Pampers Baby Wipes Tub, Sensitive - 64 Wipes/Tub

Since we pretty much depend on wipes to have a clean environment, it’s very important for the wipes to be of great quality. When I say quality I usually look at these features:

  • Thickness
  • Clean and fresh feeling
  • Sensitive skin
  • Size


A baby wipe should not be flimsy. That would just defeat the purpose of using it. You want a wipe that is thick enough to clean the mess without tearing up. Huggies Natural Care is far thicker and stronger than Pampers Sensitive.Image of the Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes, Sensitive, Unscented, 3 Refill Packs, 648 Count Total You actually end up using fewer wipes when cleaning the baby’s diaper versus Pampers Sensitive.

They both have triple layers with textures on the wipes. That’s why it feels thicker and stronger than regular wipes. In addition to that, the texture helps in keeping a solid grip while cleaning.

On the whole Huggies Natural is thicker and does not tear that easily. Fortunately, I have not faced any torn wipes from either Pampers or Huggies.

Clean and fresh

We all know that baby wipes are used on multiple surfaces apart from just the baby. I’ve cleaned up the crumbs from the car seat, stroller, high chair etc. Of course, once outside, the baby’s face and hands are wiped clean like every 15 minutes. When something is used so often you want it to give out a clean and fresh feel.

Both Natural Care and Sensitive are about the same when it comes to the feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Pampers has a lot more moisture which helps give an indication of a thorough cleaning despite leaving a bit of an ‘oily’ residue. Neither one dries out the skin which is a big plus.

Huggies is probably not as wet or moist which can feel a little rough on the skin at times. But it is great for scooping up messes and a quick wipe.

Image of the Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes Refill, 624 Count (Packaging may vary)

Sensitive Skin

Given the wipes are primarily used on the most sensitive part of your baby’s body, it’s very important to make sure it does not harm your little one in any way. Having said that, both Huggies and Pampers have wipes that are suitable for sensitive skin.

Up until 2015, both the brands contained traces of alcohol which caused a lot of irritation. Especially if the baby had a rash than the wipe would have stung the poor soul.

Pampers Sensitive are clinically proven to be mild and dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, alcohol and perfume free. It does contain ingredients that help balance the skin’s ph level.  They do not contain chlorine and uses a chlorine-free process to purify the diaper fibers.

Baby Wipes, Pampers Sensitive Water Baby Diaper Wipes, Hypoallergenic and Unscented, 7X Pop-Top Packs, 392 Total Wipes

Huggies Natural Care is also hypoallergenic, fragrance and alcohol-free wipes. In addition, it contains ingredients that help soothe the skin such as aloe vera, vitamin E and similar ph balancing extracts added to it. Similar to Pamper’s Sensitive, Huggies Natural does not contain chlorine and uses a similar process to Pampers, that does not involve chlorine.

I know how important it is to have confirmation about dioxins and chlorine traces; Pampers Sensitive and Huggies Natural Care wipes are absolutely free of those. However, neither is completely chemical free so be sure to check if there are any chemicals that you or your baby may be allergic to. You can find the list of ingredients for Pampers Sensitive and Huggies Natural on their respective brand sites.


Both wipes are about the same in size, which in my opinion is small.  Pampers Sensitive feel a lot smaller in size even though they are comparable to other wipes. I would not mind the wipes being longer by half an inch. But the current size is good enough to insert in travel wipes cases as well as wipe warmers. In fact, Huggies has its own wipes case that I absolutely love since it helps retain the wipes moisture, although I use insert Pampers Sensitive wipes in it.

HUGGIES Natural Care Baby Wipes Disposable Soft Packs, 56 ct

Words of Caution

As a disclaimer, I do want to add that in case your child is suffering from a diaper rash make sure the wipes you are using are alcohol-free (Like Natural Care or Pampers Sensitive). Otherwise, it’s going to cause the little one a lot of pain.

Make sure to always seal the wipes pack/box/container. Otherwise, they will dry up quickly and will feel super scratchy on your skin.

Don’t overuse the wipes on the body. I know it sounds strange coming from me but hear me out. I use wipes on every other surface but when it comes to the baby’s tush I do make sure that after I clean it, it’s dry before snapping on the diaper. You don’t want the moisture to cause any rash or discomfort for your little one.

Lastly, note that even wipes have an expiration date. Even though we go through wipes like candy (be honest, no one eats just one) there may be times when a pack of wipes might be sitting in your closet for a while with an older manufacturer date. It could happen and the use of those wipes can be disastrous.

As a rule of thumb, do not use the wipes if they were manufactured 2 years or even before that. Most companies give a 30 month period but limit the time to 2 years just to be on the safe side.

Baby Wipes, Pampers Sensitive Water Baby Diaper Wipes, Hypoallergenic and Unscented, 7X Pop-Top Packs, 392 Total Wipes


Pampers Sensitive
  • Moisturizing
  • Textured
  • Triple layer
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Fragrance free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Alcohol free
  • Free from chlorine or any such process that contain chlorine
Huggies Natural Care
  • Thick (triple layer)
  • Textured
  • Contains Aloe and Vitamine E
  • Fragrance free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Alcohol free
  • Free from chlorine or any such process that contain chlorine


Pampers Sensitive
  • Leaves an oily residue
  • Small size wipes
Huggies Natural Care
  • Rough
  • A little on the dry side
  • Small size wipes


Here’s what other parents are rating these wipes:

Pampers Sensitive:

4.8 stars, 16062 reviews – Walmart.com

4.8 stars, 15857 reviews – Target.com

4.7 stars, 15820 reviews – Walgreens.com

Huggies Natural Care:

4.7 stars, 5498 reviews – Walmart.com

4.7 stars, 4767 reviews – Target.com

4.7 stars, 5379 reviews – Walgreens.com

Which one should I choose?

If truth be told, I’ve had a great experience with both the wipes. I feel they are along the same lines when it comes to cost per wipe, wipe size, convenience, texture etc. Overall my vote goes to Pampers Sensitive.  It has extra moisture and helps provide a softer better clean.

Pampers has always worked well for us since my toddler was a newborn. I have mixed feelings about Huggies Natural Care wipes. Some of its varieties are the “can’t live without” kind, while sometimes it’s a “why did I buy this” moment. Overall Huggies Natural Care is great on its own and does provide a clean feeling but I cannot overlook how it feels a little rough on our skin. That’s mainly the reason it falls short of being a must-have.With Pampers, I’ve never had one issue and I hope it continues that way.


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