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Combi Join Soft Carrier Review

Want to get your baby to cry less? Try wearing them! Babywearing has proven to be an effective method for comforting and soothing babies for centuries. Plus, babies in baby carriers might even be smarter and better learners in the long run (per Dr. Sears).

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I recently got the chance to try out the new Join Soft Carrier from Combi. While this brand isn’t one of the top names in the baby carrying biz, they have a new baby carrier that has all the potential to compete with the best baby carriers.

I tested this item over a couple of months and with 3 different babies of different weights and ages, so my final recommendation is pretty solid: this carrier is a winner!

Combi Join Baby Carrier Features

This soft structured baby carrier has quite a few features, so let me break them down one by one.

Innovative Safety

The first feature I want to talk about is the innovative safety. This baby carrier actually won a JPMA Innovation Award for its improvement on baby carrier safety.

The unique feature here is a buckle belt that keeps your baby safely and securely inside the carrier while you go about your day.

Combi Join Soft Carrier
Buckle covered for baby’s safety

Most baby carriers focus on the style of the carrier. It’s self-supporting for baby, which is fine for the most part. But when you are getting baby in and out, or a strap accidentally slips or breaks, it can get very scary very quickly.

This baby carrier eliminates that fear by providing a three-point safety harness. You just lay the baby on a flat surface in front of you and click them into the safety buckle before you put the carrier on.

Trust me, this is the safety strap you never knew you needed!


I’ve tried a hard and rigid carrier like a hiking carrier, I’ve tried wrap carriers like my much-loved Moby wrap, and I’ve tried several brands of soft structured carriers like this one. And I can truly say that this is probably my favorite soft structured carrier today.

I would say that the Combi Join Soft Carrier is just as comfortable as some of the other big brands I’ve seen. The straps are thick and they are very well padded.

The material is soft and durable, while still having a little bit of breathability to it.

And as for baby’s comfort, I would say that this rates a 10 out of 10.

One of the babies I tried this on was my nephew, and he doesn’t necessarily love to be carried. But he put up with this carrier for longer than he usually does, so I’ll take that as a good sign!

Also, when I tried this baby carrier out on a five-month-old baby, they fell asleep within minutes! So I have no question as to the comfort for both parents and babies when it comes to the join soft carrier


Let’s be honest, every single baby carrier is a pain to put on! I wish I could say how it’s this easy, fun thing, but whether you have to wrap it around you five times, or lay baby down and then try and slip into your straps without dropping said baby, baby carriers are inconvenient to put on. But since that’s the nature of the beast, I would say that this carrier is no better or worse than others.


Also, this baby carrier can be used in four different positions. I love that! A lot of the more popular carriers are limited to one or two positions, and they’re still so expensive. But this affordable carrier comes in with four positions:

  • Parent facing with infant insert
  • Parent facing
  • Back carry
  • Side carry

I’ve used the infant insert, the regular style, and the piggyback style. I have to admit that I didn’t try side carry, but that’s because I am currently pretty pregnant, and it just did not seem like a comfortable way to carry the baby with the strap having to go directly across my belly bump.

Also, side carry comes with its own set of worries, but we’ll get to that later.


This might not be a huge deal to some, but for me it’s a very big deal. My husband and I used our previous changer carrier interchangeably. I would use it one day at the grocery store, and he would use it on the next day to go for a walk.

Having a carrier that’s both large enough to be comfortable for him, and still small enough to be comfortable for me, is super important. And this carrier met that requirement. With just some simple strap adjustments, we were both able to use the carrier without any problems.

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Plus, I feel like this carrier is on the larger side overall, which is good for me, because I tend to have big babies that get tall and heavy very quickly. Plus, I’m on the tall side myself. But if you have a smaller baby, I could see this baby carrier drowning them until they got a little bigger.

Combi Join Carrier, folds up

But despite its big size, it folds up nice and small for transport. Not tiny, but small enough that you can place it in a diaper bag or just toss it in the car for adventures on the go.

Great for Nursing!

Combi advertises that they have a little baby head cover that’s great for privacy. But if you are a nursing mom, you know that this is the ultimate nursing cover.

All you have to do to nurse in this cover carrier is adjust the straps so that baby sits down lower on your abdomen, click the hood up and into place, and proceed to nurse the baby wherever you are, no matter what you’re doing. It’s discreet enough to cover everything, without being so huge that you feel like baby is being smothered.

Combi Join Soft Carrer, hood

I would give this an A+ as far as nursing baby carriers go.

The Perfect Pocket

Don’t laugh at me, but one of my requirements before I buy a baby carrier is that it has to have storage.

I love my Moby wrap for those first few months, but I can’t take it outside of the house because I can’t take anything with me! My other baby carrier had a pocket so small that my poor cell phone stuck halfway out and I dropped it constantly. And we all know that bending over and picking something up with baby in a baby carrier is not fun!

Extra pockets

The pocket on this baby carrier is wonderful! It is big enough that I could fit my keys and my phone in there to go for a walk. Any bigger, and I think it would almost make the carrier to look too bulky. Any smaller, and it would be useless. Combi designed this pocket just right.

And as an added bonus, there are two bonus pockets that aren’t really pockets. On the inside of the belt, there’s a little space where you are supposed to tuck the buckle cover when not in use. But when in use, you get a small pocket that’s perfect for a house key or some money or even a small snack (because you know, mamma’s gotta eat).

There’s another bonus pocket on the top of the carrier, where the hood goes when not in use. But since it’s just an open pouch pocket, you could stick your phone or something else down in there in a pinch.

Combi Join Carrier, pockets
You can see the pocket on top where the hood tucks in!

Fit for Infants

There are a lot of popular baby carriers on the market that work for infants, but you have to buy an infant insert or other parts separately. The great thing about this carrier is that it comes with the infant insert pillow! It saves you time and money when shopping, and it also means you can use this right out the gate.

Insert for small infants

The infant insert pillow is fantastic! It has a thick rectangular foam pillow at the bottom (encased in ivory fabric) that boosts baby up to the right level in the carrier.

Plus, baby buckles into the infant insert pillow, which then in turn buckles into the carrier itself, so it’s extra safe.

Carrier with infant-insert
The infant insert all buckled in tight

The fabric is super soft and breathable, it has a wide padded shape, and the wings come up to support all around baby’s head and neck.

Like I said, the five-month-old baby that I carried around in this for 25 minutes fell asleep within the first couple of minutes! He was so cozy in this infant insert.


The final thing I want to touch on is the hip-friendliness of this carrier. It has just been certified “Hip Safe” by the Hip Dysplasia Institute. It has all of the necessary structure and shape to keep baby’s hips in that healthy shape, which means that baby’s hips, legs, and back can develop normally.

If you’re going to use a baby carrier, you’ll want to do it correctly so that it’s good for babies back and hips. This carrier is definitely safe for baby.


The Drawbacks: What I Didn’t Like

As you can tell, I love this Combi Join baby carrier! This is not one of those items that I see from afar and hope it’s good, it’s something I’ve actually used and experienced the goodness of.

But there were a couple of features that just didn’t work for me.

The Back Buckle

First up, we have the back strap and buckle.

Now, maybe I just have narrow shoulders, but I always have a problem with the shoulder straps on a baby carrier feeling like they’re always about to slip off.

When I saw that this baby carrier had a small buckle that keeps the shoulder straps together near the neck and shoulder blades, I thought that it would solve all my problems!

But I was wrong. Not only was it really hard for me to reach that back buckle strap with all that weight on my chest, but it was super hard to adjust and tighten while baby was in the carrier.

Plus, even though I got the right tightness using the side tightening straps that go under the arm, it always felt like the straps were about to fall off the back. And they were all up in my armpit.

With some tweaking, I got it as comfortable as possible and it really didn’t bother me. And when it was up front during back carry, I was very grateful for it! But that back buckle is a pain to get to in front carry!

Side Carry Complications

Like I mentioned before, you can use this baby carrier in the side carry position, or hip carry position. But getting it into that position is a pain!

I wanted to try this position with my 17-month-old nephew, but the instructions for getting it into the right configurations were so complicated that I didn’t even try! Plus, with my pregnant belly in the way, I figured it was not worth it.

You can see in the video below that it takes a few minutes to get this on the side. If this is a position you will use really often, then great. You can set it up and leave it. But if it’s something you’re going to use occasionally, I think the inconvenience of getting it set up outweighs the benefit of having it.

I can honestly say I probably won’t use the side carry position unless I’m in a desperate situation because it takes some work. And I can’t imagine working through that with a screaming baby.

Final Recommendation

In my adventures carrying my 2-year-old daughter on my back, my 17-month-old nephew in the front, and the sweet 5-month-old baby of a friend with the infant insert, I put the Combi Join carrier through its paces.

Combi Join Soft Carrier, front view

It had enough thickness and structure that I felt very safe carrying both my ginormous, 85th percentile toddler daughter on my back, and also carrying a sweet and fragile new-ish baby in the front. And my active little nephew even tolerated it, which was a big win!

Overall, I really enjoyed using this carrier, and I look forward to using it on my own baby when the time comes.

If you want the features and stability of a big name baby carrier, without dropping a huge wad of cash, then the  Join Baby Carrier is a great option for you.

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