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Britax B-Ready vs UPPAbaby Vista

Did you know that the average parent owns at least three strollers? As a mom of two and former foster parent, I have owned six strollers throughout the past decade and researched many, many more. While both of the strollers featured in this article are excellent, I strongly recommend the Britax B-Ready over the UPPAbaby Vista. Its lower price, easy folding and storage capability, adaptability, and versatility make it an obvious winner.

The Britax B-Ready stroller started gaining popularity in 2013 and has quickly become one of the best strollers on the market, today. While any experienced parent will tell you that no stroller is perfect, this stroller comes closer than any of its competitors. Its versatility, easy-use, and numerous features eliminate the need for owning multiple strollers, making it a worthy investment for your family.


Britax B-ReadyUPPAbaby Vista
Image of the Britax 2017 B-Ready Stroller, BlackImage of the UPPAbaby Vista Henry, Blue Marl
  • More expensive
  • Second seat must be removed in order to fold and store stroller
  • Compatible with Chicco Keyfit, Maxi-Cosi, Nuna Pipa infant carrier seats.
  • Crowded second seat

Things I Love About the Britax B-Ready

Britax B-Ready G2 Stroller, Black


The Britax B-Ready works very well for growing kids and use in a variety of situations. With twelve seating options and five fashions choices available, it is adaptable and cost effective. The B-Ready Bassinet, Britax Infant Car Seat, or the B-Ready Second Seat can be paired in a multitude of ways making it the perfect solution for growing families. The inline double seating offers the same maneuverability as a single stroller.

A Britax Stroller Board is also available for purchase, allowing a third child to stand and ride behind the stroller. The Britax Universal Infant Car Seat Adapter is also available, making it compatible with most major brands of infant car seats. An attached 50+ SPF canopy helps shield your little one from the sun’s harmful rays.

Image of the Britax 2017 B-Ready Stroller, Black

Ease of Use

There is no need to remove the second seat. As pictured below, the stroller does a quick-fold into a standing position, and it really is quick. You can fold it with seats still attached, although you probably won’t do that often.

Image of the Britax 2017 B-Ready Stroller, Black

Parents love the extra large under seat storage. It is can be accessed from the sides, front and back, and is pretty roomy. 

Image of the Britax 2017 B-Ready Stroller, Black

The four position recline feature makes it easy to accommodate sleeping infants or attentive toddlers.

Image of the Britax 2017 B-Ready Stroller, Black

An adjustable handlebar with a padded grip moves up and down to accommodate different heights and help you find a comfortable pushing angle.

Image of the Britax 2017 B-Ready Stroller, Black

Limitations of the UPPAbaby Vista

Although these strollers share many common attributes, three important aspects clearly make the Britax B-Ready Stroller a better choice than the UPPAbaby Vista Stroller.


The UPPAbaby Vista is much more expensive that the Britax B-Ready. Considered a luxury stroller, you’re looking at spending 2 or 3 times as much once you purchase the accessories suitable for your family’s lifestyle.


The second seat of the UPPAbaby Vista must be removed prior to folding the stroller. This can be a major hassle if you are frequently getting the stroller in and out of your vehicle.


Parents who use the UPPAbaby Vista with two children claim that the second seat is quite crowded, which usually results in a grumpy, uncomfortable child.

Alternatives to the Britax B-Ready and the UPPAbaby Vista

Evenflo Sibby Travel System, Stroller, Car Seat, Ride-Along Board, Oversized Storage Basket, 3-Panel Canopy, Multiple-Position Recline, Easy to Fold and Store, Materials, Charcoal

Let’s face it – babies are expensive and every family has a different budget. If you broke out in a cold sweat while looking at the price tags of these two strollers, don’t worry! I have wonderful, economically priced alternative for you. The Evenflo Sibby Travel System is the perfect, low-priced stroller/infant carrier combo option for a growing family.

It even includes a Ride-Along board for an older child, although it does not allow for two sitting children or two infant car seats. It is made for one to be sitting and one to be standing. Coming in at wonderful price point, this travel system features a roll-over tested, rear-facing infant car seat, a three position footrest, an over-sized storage basket, a parent cup holder, and a full-coverage canopy. Its slim profile and quick fold make this a wonderful, low-budget alternative.

To find the best travel system for baby, or to find the best tandem stroller, check out our fully researched and mom-approved articles.

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Customer Reviews

  • 4.5 stars, 171 reviews – Kohls
  • 4 stars, 66 reviews – Target
  • 4 stars, 55 reviews – Bed Bath & Beyond
  • 4 stars, 46 reviews – Walmart

FAQ’s about the Britax B-Ready Stroller

  • What accessories are available to use with this stroller?

  • At what age can I use the second seat on the B-Ready?

    • The second child seat is suitable from birth up to 35 lbs.
  • At what age can I use the top seat on the B-Ready?

    • The top seat is suitable from 6 months up to 55 lbs.
  • Can I get another cup holder for the left side of the B-Ready stroller?

    • The B-Ready is designed to accommodate a cup holder on the right side only.
  • How many recline positions does the second seat on the B-Ready have?

    • The second seat has four recline positions, including the folded position.
  • How do I clean my B-Ready stroller?

    • Crumb removal. Vacuum cleaners are your friend here, especially portable ones. Using the narrow attachment navigate the nozzle through all the cracks and crevices. Most crumbs end up along the back lower seam. You won’t be surprised to find lots of gold fish, raisons, peas, cereal and things you can’t identify.
    • A good cleaning. Take a cloth to all the fabric with a small amount of soap and water. You may have to scrub out stains or sticky goo. Fabrick cleaners won’t hurt anything for the tougher spots. Let the fabric dry out well before using again to avoid a moldy smell. Britax says it is a bad idea to completely remove the fabric off of a stroller for machine washing presumably because it isn’t made for easy removal.
    • The frame. You can clean the frame in much the same manner with a wet cloth and soap. Go over it to remove the residue with a dry towel. The areas around the wheels tend to get dirty and can interfere with the braking action and smooth ride. You may need to use a toothbrush to get in the cracks around the axel and braking mechanism. In order to keep the surface scratch free, rust free and shiny, don’t use cleaning products that include abrasive solvents or other strong chemicals. Car seat adapters and fittings are important to keep clean for saftey purposes.
    • Inspect the wheels. You may need to take the extra step of removing the wheels to get them cleaned properly. Most Britax strollers have a release button directly on or near where the wheel connects to the frame. Reinstall the wheels by pushing them into their position until you hear a click.
    • Proper storage. Don’t store the stroller until it is dry. Storing a wet or damp stroller encourages the development of rust and mold. Fabric can fade if you leave it in the sunlight, so you may need a cover if you are storing it near a window or outside. You’ll also need to take care not store the stroller next to something extremely hot that could potentially melt plastic parts. Strollers aren’t strong enough to stack things on in storage without warping them over time.

Final Word

Unless you plan on holding your baby 24/7, you are going to need a stroller. Whether you’re at the park, at the mall, at the zoo, going for a walk, or just out sight-seeing, a stroller provides a stress-free, hassle-free, convenient way to transport your baby. Your little one will find comfort in the stroller while being able to wiggle and explore.

Your arms and shoulders will thank you for not having to carry your child over long distances. A quality stroller stands the test of time and adapts to your family’s ever-changing needs. The Britax B-Ready stroller does just that! With its diverse options and versatility, it eliminates the need for multiple strollers – deeming it a worthy investment for years (and babies) to come.

Brittany Spalding

Brittany Spalding is a wife, homeschool mom, writer, editor, and food allergy awareness advocate. She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, restoring antique furniture, St. Louis Cardinals baseball, and fishing on the beautiful Kentucky Lake.