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Britax B Ready vs City Select Stroller Review

The Britax B Ready Strollerand the City Select Stroller are remarkably similar in benefits and features as two of the most highly regarded and popular convertible strollers on the market today. Both provide customizable seating options of an impressive degree 12 options within the Britax B Ready and 16 options within the City Select. With a significant average price difference, favoring the Britax B Ready as the more affordable option, and with so many similarities throughout, my preference would be for Britax.

Image of Britax B-Ready G2 Stroller, Black

Image of Baby Jogger City Select Stroller - 2016 | Baby Stroller with 16 Ways to Ride, Goes from Single to Double Stroller | Quick Fold Stroller, Onyx

How Do the Britax B Ready and the City Select Stroller Differ?

As noted above, there are more similarities to be found between the two than differences, but the differences are there.  Let’s look at a few of the basics:


The City Select Stroller has typically been higher priced than the Britax B Ready. However, pricing changes over time and the prices are very similar at the time of this writing.

Seating Options

The City Select offers 16 customizable seating options, ranging from single capacity to double to triple to bassinet to pram and beyond, with a variety of forward facing and easily reversible backward facing recline positions included.

The Britax B Ready is not far off, with 12 customizable seating options similar to those offered by City Select.  The difference in the number of options may be justification alone for the additional cost, but when looking over the number of options already provided (and realizing that I personally will probably never use more than 5 – 6 of them), I have to ask myself if I really need all 16 and if that extra cost is worth those 4 additional.


This is something that we don’t often think about when purchasing strollers, but there is a difference in tires.  The City Select comes equipped with the standard air-filled tires that we are all so used to filling and re-filling as necessary on our vehicles and elsewhere.  The Britax B Ready includes foam filled tires as opposed to air-filled, noted by the company to provide a smoother ride and less hassle, with no need for re-filling.

Parking Brake

At the forefront of our minds when purchasing anything for our children is the matter of safety, and brakes are one of the most important safety concerns involved in a stroller purchase. The City Select offers a hand-operated parking brake, while the Britax B Ready offers a linked parking brake, maneuvered by the foot, and with a red/green indicator to confirm locked’ or unlocked’.

Wheel Suspension

Another item that we do not often think about when purchasing a stroller, but there’s a difference here, too. The City Select Stroller offers front wheel suspension’, while the Britax B Ready is equipped with all-wheel suspension’.  The difference will be minimal, and the majority of standards strollers today will be front wheel’ only, but an all-wheel suspension will provide for a slightly smoother ride and will better handle any off-roading if you plan to take your little ones on the occasional hike through bumpy terrain.

Maximum Child Weight

The City Select can support up to 45 pounds, while the Britax B Ready will support an additional 10, up to 55 pounds per seat.


The City Select is available in nine colors. The Britax B Ready is available in five colors.

And How Are They The Same?

The list of similarities between the City Select and Britax B Ready strollers will be longer than the list of differences. Let’s examine a few shared pros and cons:

Product Weight

Both strollers weigh in slightly bulky and heavy to lift at 28 pounds. Though that weight will be difficult to carry at times it’s more or less having another toddler in tow! . The fact remains that any convertible stroller with the number of seating configurations and safety requirements as these two provide would be expected to be a little heavy.

5 Point Harness

Both strollers include a 5 point adjustable harness to keep your child secure while they grow.

Adjustable Handle-bars and Large Underside Baskets

Both strollers have mom and dad in mind with these features.  Handle-bars on both are easy to adjust to height, as well as easy to clean.  Baskets under each stroller are of an extra large size and are accessible from all angles, allowing us to pile in those groceries when we take baby out for a day of running errands.

Ventilated Canopy and UV Protection

Both strollers include ventilated canopies with windows to peek in at your little ones, along with UV 50+ protection to keep baby safe from dangerous rays.

Car Seat Adapter

Both offer a car seat adapter for an additional purchase, enabling your stroller to function as a full travel system. Check out all the best baby strollers with car seat options in our Best Baby Travel System article.

Who are City Select and Britax?

To trust a product for our children, we need to know and trust that product’s manufacturer.  Who exactly are they in this instance?

Let’s start with a clarification regarding City Select.  City Select is not, in itself, a manufacturer’. It is, rather, an authorized online seller of Baby Jogger products. The actual manufacturer of the City Select Stroller is Baby Jogger’.

So who is Baby Jogger?

Baby Jogger is a parent-run company that originally began in 1984 with the intention of providing solutions for parents who wanted to continue jogging and moving about the world with a toddler in tow.  The company has won a litany of awards in its designs of strollers and car seats.

And Britax?

Britax originally launched in the US in 1996, though it began as a company in the UK in 1939 and proudly states in claim of being a leader in mobile safety for the last 70 years. Britax is noted to be the #1 Brand in Safety Technology for its car seat and stroller designs.

Honestly, both brands are amazing. They both make top rated tandem strollers and consistently make our lists of bests.

My Recommendation

Personally, I am, and always have been, a Britax girl.  Old habits are hard to break without a truly compelling reason to do so.  I admire the City Select design and the various features and benefits it offers, particularly in their similarities to the Britax design. Both companies clearly have the same core concerns of safety and comfort in the forefront of their design processes. However, the additional cost for an extra four seating configuration options in the City Select is not a need for me, nor are the additional four colors that I can choose from for my canopy.  I like the smooth ride from the foam-filled tires and the all-wheel suspension in the Britax B Ready, as well as the linked parking brake that shows me the red and green indicator light to confirm that I have properly secured those wheels before I relax. And I am always a fan of any reason not to have to stop and re-fill air in my tires, whether on a car or elsewhere.  The long-standing reputation of Britax as such an admired leader in safety is something that I cannot ignore when making these types of decisions; history says a lot to me and I depend on it.  The City Select is a close second’ in the race between the two to be purchased, but in this instance once again, I’ll stay with Britax.


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